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Siemens Healthineers gets real-time visibility

Accurate ETAs with seamless tracking for critical medical equipment

How Siemens Healthineers got real-time, end-to-end visibility into its outbound supply chain

Without end-to-end visibility into inbound and outbound supply chains, manufacturers risk production and delivery delays. Using HERE's highly accurate multimodal ETA, Siemens Healthineers can now inform hospitals and technicians about any shipments that arrive early or late, reducing cost and installation time. The company used HERE Shipment Visibility to track and monitor the location, condition and ETA of their goods to achieve real-time, end-to-end visibility.

End-to-end visibility

Man working in system with HERE tech
Reduces hospital shutdown time

A smart sensor tracking device was developed to enable complete shipment condition monitoring with global connectivity and the ability to record data when offline.

using HERE data for healthcare
Improves customer satisfaction

Including condition monitoring with global connectivity - and the ability to record data when offline for detecting damages in transit prevents unusable shipments - thereby raising customer satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score.

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Optimizes technicians' time

With HERE's room-level tracking, Siemens Healthineers can even inform technicians if the shipment has been delivered to the right floor and room.

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Through our relationship with HERE, Siemens Healthineers can inform hospitals and technicians ahead of time about any early or delayed shipment arrivals.

Heiko Ansorge, Global Head of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Customer Services Managed Logistics at Siemens Healthineers

Inside a success story

Thanks to condition monitoring technology from HERE, the technician knows beforehand if a parcel has been damaged.

HERE Shipment Visibility reduces the hospital's shutdown time, saves the technician valuable time and optimizes the hospital's revenue-making window.

package delivered through HERE location services
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