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Holcim uses location to improve safety and sustainability

Discover how the global leader in building materials and solutions created faster and more efficient concrete delivery.


Avoiding delivery delays to prevent concrete from perishing

For building material manufacturer Holcim, getting concrete delivered within 90 minutes is critical or it will perish. Concrete trucks are heavy and often hindered by routing restrictions. Being on time within minutes was the challenge Holcim had to overcome to achieve efficient and sustainable construction of the future.


Smart routing and navigation, real-time visibility

Holcim Digital Development team integrated up-to-the-minute location data from HERE into their customer-facing application, ConcreteDirect, using HERE Routing to consider all the limiting factors in real time and provide trustworthy calculations for the best routes. The partnership between HERE and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided a strong infrastructure that shifted the entire business to a data-driven cloud on a global level.


Faster operations, better communication

More efficient routing

More than 800,000 hours saved

With ConcreteDirect Holcim saved more than 800,000 hours across 200,000 job sites and 6.4 million loads.

Improve customer satisfaction

7-minutes faster delivery

By reducing delivery time, Holcim improved driver and job site efficiency while also reducing carbon emissions.

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Real-time communication Safer, on-time deliveries

By giving drivers an app they can trust, Holcim delivered an enhanced driving and delivery experience.

With HERE we have a partner on board who is able to provide mapping and navigation services across our global footprint.

Philipp Leutiger

Chief Digital Officer, Holcim

Holcim customer story

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HERE Routing

Plan stress-free journeys. Discover our routing portfolio designed for various modes of transport.

Supply chain

Supply Chain

Spot disruptions and problems with real-time tracking and accurate ETAs.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet. Benefit from our highly accurate location data and advanced algorithms.

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Timocom-customer story

Smarter routing and advanced data privacy

HERE Self-hosting services enabled TimoCom to maintain control over their customers' data security and privacy while optimizing routes and operational costs.

The maps and the routing services are the most valuable things we use from HERE because we couldn't do this on our own.

Ansgar Max

Director of the Business Unit IT, Timocom

HERE and leading Swiss retailer Migros offer CO₂ Insights for shippers and fleet operators

CO₂ emission value prediction

Migros leveraged HERE data and services to predict the amount of CO₂ emissions produced per route and recommend the most appropriate vehicle and engine type for unique routes.

With its extensive network in the Transport and Logistics industry, HERE Technologies is the right partner to get other companies to benefit from our innovation.

Rainer Deutschmann

Director Security & Traffic, Federation of Migros Cooperatives.


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Now we can improve the delivery experience

Read how HERE navigation tools enabled Rastret's software to plan smart routes and expand the pool of potential drivers for small and mid-size logistics companies.

I am really impressed by the flexibility of HERE's products. They save us a lot of work because they are ready-made solutions and we can focus on implementation.

Miguel Loya

CTO, Rastret


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