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Autonomous Driving

Get ready for next-level vehicle automation

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The vehicle of tomorrow

Autonomous driving is no longer a dream. The automotive industry is evolving the vehicle to take more responsibility for maneuvers.

Convincing drivers to hand over control requires significant trust in the vehicle’s ability to plan the right maneuvers and strategies. The safest, most efficient approach is to have HD maps and sensors work together in unison for the best solution.

Highly precise and dynamic maps have been identified as a key element to take a solution from reactive to proactive, for a more comfortable experience. HERE aims to significantly influence driver acceptance and the progression toward fully automated vehicles. 

Key differentiators

The future of autonomous driving starts here

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Increases safety

Enables intelligent proactive maneuver planning for vehicles by helping them know when and how to make the safest choices with HERE HD Live Map.

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Builds trust

HERE HD Live Map provides reliable, precise data giving more transparency about the environment for the vehicle to make safer decisions.

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Global reach

HERE has a global presence. Through the OneMap Alliance, we have partnerships in China, Japan and South Korea, and local knowledge to understand the rules of the road across regions.

Need more insight?

Learn why HERE ranked #1 in Omdia's Location Platform Index.

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Success Stories


White paper

Accepting Autonomous Vehicles - 3 key consumer insights for the automotive industry


HD Live Map - The most intelligent vehicle sensor

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