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Fleet Telematics

Advanced location algorithms for complex industry use cases

Advanced location technologies

More businesses than ever are using the power of location to make sense of data and improve daily operations.

But, now it’s time to go beyond simple mapping and solve complex location challenges with advanced technologies.

Fleet Telematics drives innovation, speeds up operations, enhances quality of support and boosts cost efficiency when developing applications – all to ensure that businesses get a competitive edge.

Key differentiators

Out-of-the-box benefits

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Advanced algorithms

We work closely with partners to understand their needs and develop algorithms that solve complex location problems - from matching GPS points to a road network, to changing the geometries and restrictions for a particular road.

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Relevant location data

HERE helps businesses find new levels of efficiency in their industry by connecting them with data sets and services that are useful and applicable. Examples include speed limits for trucks, road inclines, and road curvatures.

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Superior data management

HERE provides administrative tools that support all functions related to data upload, storage and management. They support a variety of data types with lat-long, shapes and geometries, and layers for flexible handling and displaying of data on various map formats.

Get started with Fleet Telematics

With sophisticated algorithms, industry relevant data sets and services, plus superior administrative tools, keep your customer's fleet moving.

Technical information

Under the hood

The HERE Fleet Telematics API is a REST API that allows customers to access a diverse and rich set of location features designed to support some of the most complex use cases related to routing, search and map data retrieval.

Through the Routing and Route Matching end point, you can calculate routes while optimizing a sequence of the waypoints to be reached; determine the applicable toll costs along a route considering rest times; and calculate cost-optimized routes while taking into account parameters like such as fuel cost, custom speed profiles and more. It also allows for custom edits and restrictions to the road network – anytime a route is generated.

Through the search end point, you can retrieve search for custom locations within geometries such as polylines or polygons, as well as advanced HERE map data sets. The upload data end point allows you to import and manage any custom data – including POIs, road restrictions and geometries – for future visualization onto HERE maps.

All the features available through the Fleet Telematics API can be used through separate calls or in combination through one service request.

  • Work with custom locations 
  • Leverage geofences 
  • Advanced datasets 
  • Optimal waypoint sequences
  • Truck parking along the route
  • Consider toll costs on a route 
  • Route matching GPS traces 
  • Building custom routes 
  • Enable fleet connectivity 

How Fleet Telematics works

upload data

Upload data

Access the data upload admin interface to add custom POIs, road geometries or restrictions to HERE maps.

search data

Search data

Search through HERE data sets or custom data and integrate them into your application (such as displaying uploaded POIs or showing speed limit restrictions along a route).

route matching

Route matching

Integrate complex routing features to increase functionality, such as to calculate the toll cost for a route or calculate a route using custom restrictions.


Dig deeper

Tech documentation

Get access to advanced location algorithms for fleet management use cases like geofencing, route matching, toll costs and more.


Giving you the insights you need to raise the bar on your business with a diverse and rich set of location features.

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

Spec sheet

Get the technical details of the key features and product capabilities of Fleet Telematics.

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Developer tools

With our out-of-the-box tools and sophisticated location data sets, deliver advanced fleet management solutions.

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