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HERE Lanes

A lane-level depiction of the road network to help improve driver awareness, safety and comfort

Take navigation and ADAS to the next level

As cars become more automated, they require a better understanding of the road that sensors alone can’t achieve.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) rely on sensors to keep the vehicle in the correct lane. But they don’t always work if the road markings are obscured by poor weather or the road layout is confusing.

HERE Lanes uses location intelligence to enhance a car’s sensors. It helps the vehicle find and stay in the correct lane and provides the driver with detailed lane-level visual guidance.

Combining precise lane topology, geometry and attributes, such as lane marking style, it gives semi-autonomous vehicles and their drivers greater awareness.

Provide your customers with the next level of ADAS and navigation, and build consumer trust in driverless technology.

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See how enhanced ADAS features can transform the driver experience

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Immersive lane guidance and assistance

Cars at busy intersection

Make driving safer, everywhere

Provide a more comfortable and safer experience by supporting in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS systems with lane-level information. Make it easier to navigate highway junctions, complex intersections and evolving urban areas.

Augmented reality lanes on road

Benefit from augmented reality

Give your customers a unique visual experience. An intuitive heads-up display and augmented reality visual cues provide precise lane-level assistance and guidance to help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

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Gain a competitive edge

Standout from the competition with premium features that aren’t available on mobile app-based systems. Such as precise lane-level guidance and assistance, through challenging intersections and improved awareness in fog, rain and snow.


2,000-mile test drive

Read the results of VSI’s real-world trial of HERE HD Map on a US road trip.

Map-based Lane Keeping

Learn how VSI examined the performance of lane keeping with a map-based approach.


Learn more about HERE Lanes product features and how it can help improve a driver’s awareness, safety, and comfort.

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