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Optimizing last mile delivery: Find out how to maximize delivery and e-commerce opportunities.

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HERE Routing

Advanced algorithms that help create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses

people on bus using HERE Routing on their phones

Simplify your route planning

With several stops or various modes of transportation, it can be complicated moving people, goods and services from A to B.

From organizing multi-stop deliveries to planning an efficient truck route, our routing algorithms combine real-time and historical data to help you reach your destination, know your ETA based on actual congestion and incidents and customize routes to suit your business needs.

Whether you're going by bike, train, truck, car (including electric vehicles/EV), on foot or all of them combined, our services help you easily calculate and plan the best route for your journey.

Ensure simple and safer journeys while keeping up with the demands of a fast-moving world.

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Watch how FreightHub helps customers optimize their supply chain with location data

Solve complex route problems

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Decrease delays

Improve driver experience with optimized routes that use vehicle or truck-specific attributes such as legal and physical restrictions. Calculate up to 100 million routes in less than 30 seconds, even with multiple stops. Plan your arrival with a precise ETA, regardless of traffic conditions.

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Reduce response times

Dispatch the best vehicle that's within reach and has the most optimal route to your destination with the fastest response time. Calculate routes based on time, distance or fuel consumption to keep things moving.

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Optimize EV charging times

Get the fastest route optimized for EV based on driving times, charging duration and station locations, consumption model and charging curve. Lower overall driver anxiety with shorter travel and charging time.

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Save on total costs

Make cost-effective decisions and create custom routes for cheaper and shorter journeys. Calculate toll and fuel costs, while factoring in local speed limits, rest stops and desired arrival time.

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Create memorable customer experiences with improved route planning.

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Calculate complex multi-stop and intermodal routes.

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Developer benefits

dynamic ETAs

Dynamic ETAs

Get accurate ETAs with routing algorithms that use rich map datasets and dynamically updated information.

advanced routing

Advanced routing

Solve complex use cases with ready-to-use routing algorithms – no coding required.



Get routing instructions in 108 languages for different modes of travel: car, truck, foot, bicycle, motorcycle and public transit.


Tech documentation

Get the docs and code examples you need to get started with HERE Routing.


Learn more about the features and capabilities of HERE Routing.

White paper

Learn about beating the commuting crunch with intermodal routing.

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Save time and money with improved route planning.

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Calculate complex multi-stop and multi-modal routes.

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Learn how location services boost efficiency and lower costs.