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Siemens Healthineers gets real-time supply chain visibility

Discover how the healthcare technology business gains accurate ETAs with seamless tracking for critical medical equipment.


Avoiding delivery delays for urgent and valuable medical equipment

Medical devices are often urgently needed and delays during the delivery process of parts can result in reduced productivity and additional costs. This makes real-time visibility of spare parts along the entire supply chain critical. Siemens Healthineers was looking for a solution that can ensure accurate tracking of medical parts both in and outdoors, all the way to the correct floor.


Providing end-to-end visibility to inbound and outbound supply chain

Using HERE's Shipment Visibility solution, Siemens Healthineers can inform hospitals and technicians about any shipments that arrive early or late, reducing cost and installation time. By leveraging HERE tracking, powered by AWS, they can track and monitor the location, condition and ETA of their medical equipment – achieving real-time, end-to-end visibility.



Better tracking visibility, more accurate deliveries

Reduce hospital shutdown time

Reducing hospital shutdown time

Developing a smart sensor tracking device enables complete shipment condition monitoring with global connectivity and offline data recording.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction

Receiving geofenced notifications and detecting damage in transit prevents unusable shipments – thereby raising customer satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score.

Optimize technicians' time

Optimized technicians' time

Using HERE's indoor localization technology with no added infrastructure, Siemens Healthineers can confirm the shipment has been delivered to the technician's specific floor and room.

Through our relationship with HERE, Siemens Healthineers can inform hospitals and technicians ahead of time about any early or delayed shipment arrivals.

Heiko Ansorge

Global Head of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Customer Services Managed Logistics at Siemens Healthineers

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