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Intelligent routing algorithms for safe and efficient journeys


Solving complex routing problems

In today's economy, vehicles and road infrastructure must be used efficiently to decrease transportation costs, curb pollution and ensure the economic viability of businesses. This is true for both transport and logistics.

HERE goes beyond mere A to B routing and provides solutions that solve complex routing problems for fleets, passengers and businesses. The Routing component of HERE Location Services provides access to a flexible feature set that can be used in a variety of consumer, enterprise, fleet tracking and logistics applications, as well as freight and vehicle exchange portals.  

Technical information

A flexible, comprehensive solution

We provide routing instructions in 108 languages for different transport modes, including car, by foot, bicycle and public transit. Our routing algorithms take into account a rich set of HERE map data attributes and dynamically updated information, such as real-time and historical traffic information.

With Routing, users can easily plan in stops during their journey, avoid areas such as toll roads, motorways or ferries, and choose pedestrian walking options like stairs and park paths. We provide insights on the shortest and fastest routes to any given point and give a precise ETA.

Truck Routing extends our route calculation capability to commercial uses. This special case gives optimized routes for trucks by including truck-specific attributes, including Matrix and Isoline Routing capabilities. An isoline route can be calculated based either on time and distance or on fuel or energy consumption alone.

How Routing works:

Build a route

The user provides a starting point and destination. A pass through or stopping point can also be included. A transportation mode is selected and various journey options are then offered.

Choose options

Various options and parameters allow the user to customize their journey - shortest or fastest route, avoid toll roads, motorways, ferries, tunnels, unpaved roads, and more. Fuel and energy consumption can be calculated to indicate how efficient a given route is.

Get ETAs with traffic

Routing takes into account current and historical traffic conditions at a particular time and day of the week, and also provides on-the-spot real-time traffic information when a route is started. This ensures accurate, realistic arrival times.

Key differentiators

Built for a variety of applications

Whether for fleet, business or passenger use, our comprehensive solution delivers valuable results – whatever the use case.

Optimized truck routes

With Truck Routing, you can take advantage of optimized routes with truck-specific attributes, such as integrated HAZMAT, legal and physical restrictions – including weight, height, width and length. Elevation tracking and three truck profiles – light, medium and heavy – help determine average speed to ensure an accurate ETA.

Understand the effects of consumption

Solve complex logistics problems with valuable fuel and energy insights. Isoline Routing uses real-time and historical traffic information to ensure an accurate ETA by foot, car or truck. Car calculations include consumption parameters such as speed, elevation, traffic light stops, heating and cooling inside the car, and more.

Make multiple stops with ease

Creating effective routes can be challenging when multiple destinations are involved. Our Matrix Routing algorithm provides optimized journeys that take into account traffic, mode of transport and preference for the shortest or fastest route. Matrix Routing also supports synchronous multi-route requests.

Anticipate traffic

Get precise arrival times and enjoy a more comfortable journey. Routing considers real-time traffic information and incidents, helping users avoid heavy traffic and bottlenecks. Historical traffic data is based on previous traffic conditions at a given time, day and week, resulting in more efficient travel planning.

Combine transport modes

Intermodal Routing combines three different transport modes – car, pedestrian and public transit – to give you the most efficient route to your location. It provides alternatives in case of traffic and other bottlenecks and considers walking time (from a parking lot to a transit stop, for example) to ensure an accurate and realistic ETA.

Looking for more guidance?

For more information or to ask any specific questions about Routing, get in touch with us directly.

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