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BMW 7 Series enables hands-free driving with HERE HD Live Map

Discover how HERE HD Live Map provides highly precise data to help BMW achieve Level 2+ of automation.


Overcoming mapping challenges in autonomous vehicle development

As part of the challenge of advancing from automation Level 2 to Level 3, BMW needed the latest, accurate and up-to-date mapping data to further develop their self-driving vehicles. BMW needed access to reliable mapping data that could provide centimeter-level precision in real-time.


Enhancing the BMW autonomous driving technology

With the HERE HD Live Map, the Highway Assistant function enables hands-free driving on interstates and highways, as long as drivers remain focused and ready to take over. The HERE platform also allows the vehicle's navigation system to display in real-time where the SAE Level 2+ function can be activated safely. As automated driving capabilities increase across vehicles, roadways and regions, the HERE HD Live Map will be integrated into additional BMW models.


Better efficiency, accuracy and freshness

Higher levels of precision

Industry milestone

The first BMW series production vehicle with SAE Level 2+ automated functionalities and a maximum speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) brought BMW one step closer to bringing a highly automated solution to the market.

Optimized EV range prediction

Safer and more efficient driving

BMW uses HERE Predictive Routing and Real-Time Traffic services in 70 countries to help drivers stay safe and save time with up-to-the-minute information on road conditions and incidents.

More accurate and up-to-date data

More trust in automation

Access to advanced mapping solutions enables BMW to not only react to situations on the road but also predict road events thanks to the shared safety load between a continuously refreshed map and vehicle sensors as a backup.

A digital HD map is essential for highly automated driving. HERE HD Live Map is rich and reliable: it provides road geometry, route profile and traffic signs – all on a global scale.

Dr. Nicolai Martin

Senior Vice President Development Automated Driving, BMW Group

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