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Sustainability at HERE

Using location technology, people, businesses and governments can deliver sustainable outcomes and futures

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Our sustainability vision

Our aspiration is to enable an autonomous world that is sustainable, equitable and that benefits everyone.

We believe that a world enabled and enhanced by location technology will be safer, more efficient, cleaner and more livable. People will enjoy a future of equitable, sustainable mobility. Cities and communities will improve infrastructures in cost-effective and climate-sensitive ways. And together, we will develop solutions to many of the biggest challenges facing humanity today.

How we move our vision forward

Corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at HERE is the focusing of our ambition for innovation and improvement on how we bring about sustainable change and elevate our societal impact.

Environment and climate

Environment and climate

At HERE, this focus is central to our mission, important to our customers, partners and developers and other key stakeholders, and critical to securing our future. It is how we do business.

Human Rights

Human rights

Our commitment to human rights spans across our global operations and value chain. It goes beyond statutory compliance and applies to every employee and everyone we do business with.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing

HERE aims to use our partnerships and purchasing power to drive social and environmental progress throughout our supply chain. HERE champions suppliers who deliver positive change for their communities.

Download the report

Discover more about how we leverage our technology and talents to deliver sustainable solutions that address societal needs in our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report.

HERE Technologies corporate responsibility report
Edzard Overbeek



We believe in a global community. It is our shared responsibility to both face and contribute to overcoming global challenges and to drive a sustainable future, together.

Edzard Overbeek, CEO