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HERE and Verve partner to shape digital out-of-home and in-vehicle advertising

HERE and Verve partner to shape digital out-of-home and in-vehicle advertising
CES 2019, Las Vegas
8 January 2019

Verve, the leading mobile platform for location-powered programmatic video and display marketing, and HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location services, announced a partnership today that will amplify mobile display advertising performance and open up new digital out-of- home (OOH) and in-vehicle opportunities.

By combining Verve’s solutions harnessing the power of location-context mobile data with the location intelligence from HERE Technologies, the partnership is set to meet the demands of the growing digital OOH market. HERE enriches Verve’s Velocity platform with sophisticated location datasets—ranging from places data and building polygons to venue maps — that enable B2B customers to improve audience segmentation, optimize campaign measurement and ultimately serve consumers more relevant advertising by connecting with them at the times when and places where they visit, shop and share.

“At Verve, we are committed to serving mobile advertising content that brings value to consumers’ lives, whether for utility or entertainment,” said Tom Kenney, CEO of Verve. “HERE gives us a deeper understanding of location context to enhance our data science practices, which extends our mobile platform capabilities and enables our customers to provide more meaningful ad experiences to consumers in the environments in which they interact.”

The abundance of mobile and connected devices provide data that create more opportunities than ever before to understand consumers’ motivations and habits, giving advertisers the ability to deliver more personalized, targeted and relevant consumer experiences. Mobile video and display ads allow advertisers to display ads at target areas in the market, strengthening the reach and effectiveness of digital OOH campaigns.

According to an October 2018 case study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, spending on digital OOH advertising in the U.S. in 2018 was expected to reach a record high of $7.4 billion. The second quarter of last year was the strongest in four years, propelled by a 15 percent jump in digital OOH.

Given the expertise HERE brings from the automotive industry and Verve’s proficiency in Movement Science™, the alliance also unlocks the potential to expand digital OOH advertising to a vehicle’s infotainment system.


“Verve and HERE align on mission to create advertising experiences that resonate with consumers through the power of location in a responsible, transparent way,” said Hervé Utheza, Head of Media, Advertising & Telco at HERE. “We are excited to embark on this journey together to improve digital OOH on mobile devices and in the new arena of in-vehicle advertising by embedding mobile signals in a refined and precise geometry of the world.”

About HERE Technologies
HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location platform services, visit and

About Verve™
Verve is a pioneer in the art and science of mobile marketing and we help brands — big and small —connect successfully with consumers in the digital and physical worlds. Verve Velocity™, the dominant mobile platform for programmatic video and display marketing, combines proprietary location intelligence, patented technology, premium inventory, and analytics capabilities to empower marketers to identify, reach, and engage with consumers, driving them to site and store. Headquartered in New York City, Verve has offices in San Diego, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles. Follow us on Twitter: