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A marketplace for smarter indoor mapping

HERE Venues delivers a platform to venue owners to create, edit and publish maps to a growing ecosystem of partner solutions.

With the acquisition of Micello, the leading provider of indoor maps and navigation data worldwide, HERE is ready to enable a new generation of location-aware applications for indoor environments.

The Venues App Marketplace brings certified partner apps and services together to enable smart buildings. Partners can integrate leading edge indoor mapping, navigation and positioning services into web and mobile applications, and reach new global customers worldwide.

Venue owners are able to easily create, edit and publish their venue maps into this growing ecosystem, providing them a single source of truth about their building.

Key differentiators

A fresh, integrated solution

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Fresh and scalable

HERE Venues has created maps for hundreds of thousands of buildings globally. The venues platform allows building owners to keep indoor maps up to date via a map editor tool, and easily scale with venue applications.

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Turn-key services

With HERE Venues, large-scale venues can easily integrate with partner solutions in the marketplace. By providing applications for indoor use, they can increase workplace efficiency.

Airlines and airports

HERE Venues routes passengers through ticketing, security and eventually to the gate. If they want to stop at a point of interest along the way, HERE Venues – along with partner solutions – shows them the fastest route there.

Public safety

HERE Venues plays an important role in public safety. It helps first responders find entrances and exits, emergency equipment and suitable routes inside a building when an incident occurs – be it in an office, mall or other venue.

Partner integrations

With over 50 partner solutions integrated on the HERE Venues platform, venue owners can publish venue maps with complete control over distribution and use and serve different industries and markets.

At the office

HERE Venues makes it easy to find meeting rooms, kitchens, printing rooms and more, and provides the fastest, most convenient way to get there. It can be used as part of different office solutions, enhancing the efficiency of facility managers and employees.

Get started with HERE Venues

With map editor tools to enable scalability, simple partner integration, plus use case flexibility, enable customers to navigate with complete ease.

Technical information

Under the hood

With global coverage, HERE Venues provides industry-leading map data of indoor venues and provides a platform for venue owners to integrate with one or many partners.

With the Micello acquisition, HERE Venues now has an expanded set of SDKs and APIs.

HERE Venues can also be made available as part of the HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, which enables a 3D interactive map, and functionality related to the HERE Tracking.

How HERE Venues works



Upload floorplans in a variety of formats and HERE Venues will generate the digitized maps automatically, which you can then securely view and share with team members.



Use self-serve tools to manage map updates or send the HERE Venues team new floorplans and they will be generated.



Enable HERE Venues to use the maps in third-party solutions in the partner ecosystem, or develop custom applications


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Acquisition of Micello

HERE has completed its acquisition of Micello, the world’s largest independent provider of indoor maps.

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