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North Carolina selects HERE to manage traffic congestion

2016-06-21/01 - North Carolina selects HERE to manage traffic congestion
Chicago, Illinois
21 June 2016

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently selected HERE, the location cloud company, as the provider of probe-based, Real-Time Traffic services to enhance driver safety and improve traffic congestion and corridor management for big construction projects.

HERE is providing government transportation agencies across the country with location technology that allows them to better manage their road networks and to take steps toward developing a smart cities platform. HERE Real-Time Traffic services combines precision mapping, big data analytics and deep insights to transform incoming data, coming from an increasing number of sensors, devices and connected vehicles on the road, into insights that help to manage traffic and reduce congestion.

HERE is providing the North Carolina DOT (NCDOT) with real-time traffic data for the state’s roadways. The data will enable the NCDOT to communicate up-to-the-minute information about current traffic conditions and travel times on dynamic signs on the roadways. The Department will also utilize the HERE visualization tools in its traffic operations centers; manage the impact of incidents and events on the roadways; use HERE data to conduct before and after studies; and analyze system performance.

"After a rigorous evaluation process, we are pleased to have selected HERE for traffic services. The HERE data gives our operations staff a robust view of road network conditions, and allows us to use archived data to make better decisions,” said Kelly Wells, Mobility Programs coordinator with NCDOT.

"HERE is proud to support North Carolina and other transportation agencies as they take steps to manage traffic and make driving safer," said Monali Shah, Director of Global Intelligent Transportation Solutions at HERE. "Cities are getting smarter about how they manage roads and reduce congestion, and real-time data from HERE provides visibility for better decision making.”

North Carolina is now the eighth state along the eastern seaboard to utilize HERE Real-Time Traffic services. NCDOT selected HERE through an agreement as part of the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project which is a collaborative effort between the I-95 Corridor Coalition (a consortium that supports transportation agencies from Maine to Florida), the University of Maryland, I-95 Coalition member agencies and selected vendors, that provides a forum to purchase, validate and share data – both real-time and archived. Other east coast states using HERE traffic data include Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

HERE is also leading the next generation of high definition mapping, real-time data and analytics for connected and automated driving. HERE is working with transportation agencies to deploy these connected vehicle technologies and close the loop between vehicles and infrastructure. This intelligent transportation system utilizes the HERE location cloud to rapidly receive, verify and distribute safety critical information, such as accidents or extreme weather, to a targeted set of drivers on the roadway.

“HERE is rapidly emerging as a leader in traffic management at the DOT level in the U.S.,” said Roger C. Lanctot, associate director in the global automotive practice at Strategy Analytics. “This is a critical new phase in HERE’s evolution toward a multi-modal location and traffic information provider in the context of nascent automated driving applications.”

To learn more about how transportation agencies utilize HERE services across the globe, read more on HERE 360.

To learn more about our leading traffic services, visit this link.

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