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Create efficient cities with HERE Technologies

Make better decisions for your citizens with data-accurate, flexible solutions that drive engagement and offer streamlined mobility

How HERE Technologies assists in creating smart cities

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    Improve planning and operations for infrastructure management

    Gain an understanding of your road network, including traffic and flow, to plan road infrastructure changes and upgrades. Use high-quality data to make trustworthy decisions for roadway maintenance and growth.

  • traffic congestion

    Relieve congestion and the negative impact it generates

    Use HERE historical and real-time traffic data to predict, manage and plan future traffic conditions more appropriately, relieving congestion and improving productivity. Understand how your roads are used, to find alternative solutions for congestion management.

  • car sensor data

    Improve safety across your road network

    Use our traffic data to understand truck-specific analytics and road-specific trip data. Manage the load on your road network and how this affects safety with HERE Traffic Services, including car sensor data, to provide a rich understanding of incidents, accidents and advisories.

  • Discover how you can create better solutions for your city with HERE traffic data. Read more
How VIA succeeds with HERE Traffic Analytics

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  • "We used traffic management codes for many years, but they can be very big. We are really excited to have granular data from HERE, so we’ll have a much better view of what is happening in smaller sections of each road.”

    • Kelly Wells
    • Mobility Program Manager
    • North Carolina DOT

  • “With HERE technology, we can potentially solve the problems for a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win.”

    • Shailen Bhatt
    • Executive Director
    • CDOT

Work with HERE Technologies to create a smarter city environment

By providing you with services and solutions that offer you a crucial combination of information, accuracy and flexibility, we can help you make better decisions for your city and its inhabitants.