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Case study

Accelerating 3D city animations with Shomen

Shomen used highly detailed HERE 3D maps to animate downtown San Francisco with a 30% faster turnaround.

Shoman Case Study

Making 3D animation of cities faster, easier and more efficient

How accurate digital representations of the real world turned downtown San Francisco into an immersive visual experience.


Speed up the animation process

Use HERE Premier 3D Cities to eliminate the need for location scouting and save time in the preparation stage.


Make creativity your primary focus

Save your animators time and effort by giving them highly detailed 3D maps they can easily build from.


Improve your client communication

Give your customers clear visualization tools that make the planning process faster and more effective.

Save time on animation with highly accurate 3D modeling

Shoman Case Study Cover

Shomen delivers 3D city animation in record time

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