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Electric vehicle charging at charge point

Electric Vehicles

Use our trusted location technology to increase confidence in EVs

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Drive efficiently

Get the optimal routes specific for EVs for maximised range.

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Always stay charged

Help drivers find the right charging station at the right time with EV Routing.

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Customize and enrich

Combine our EV charging station data with your own, for maximum driver benefit.

Get the best electric vehicle experiences with our technology


Choose optimal routing

Maximize battery efficiency by selecting the best route for each vehicle type. Account for road topology, traffic conditions and vehicle-specific consumption and charging model.

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Minimize charging time

Find the optimal EV charging stations along the way with clear access information to reduce the number of stopovers and charging time.

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Predict EV charge point availabilities

Find available space for the vehicle to charge at the EV charging station of preference, based on historic data.

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Map showing information on charge points locations around a city

Get extensive coverage

Access more than 500k EVSEs across 240k stations in 91 countries with HERE EV Charge Points.

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A diverse group of fleet managers are working to improve fleet management using location data and location technology
Learn how our open and secure platform supports your business needs.

Once again, HERE is the world’s most complete platform in the market.

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