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HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning indoors

Know where you are indoors, anywhere

Indoor positioning keeps location at the heart of the story.

From delivering contextual insights to smartphones to tracking high-value shipments, the ability to accurately locate a device’s position shouldn't stop when entering a building, or become any less accurate. 

HERE Indoor Positioning provides fast and accurate global indoor positioning for a variety of enterprise and consumer use cases. Integration with HERE Venues means you can create a seamless indoor-outdoor-indoor navigation experience.

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HERE Indoor Positioning

See HERE Indoor Positioning in action

Key differentiators

Seamless positioning capabilities

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Customizable accuracy and coverage

HERE Indoor Positioning provides smooth positioning from outside to inside, down to the floor of the building you’re on. It works offline at a variety of different venues, from offices, to store, to airports.

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Ready for offline use

Download HERE data to use HERE Indoor Positioning offline. This means you can locate a device’s position even if you lose network connection, which is a common problem when indoors.

Public or private positioning

HERE provides both public and private venue maps, and radio maps. This guarantees fast deployment, and supports a variety of enterprise and consumer use cases.

A self-serve tool

With the HERE Indoor Radio mapper, venue owners can manage and control their indoor environment, providing flexibility for any occasion.

Get started with HERE Indoor Positioning

With seamless positioning from outside to in, offline positioning, plus access to both public and private venue maps, customers can navigate without interruption.

Technical information

Under the hood

Available through the HERE Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, HERE Indoor Positioning comes with tools such as the HERE Indoor Radio Mapper, which enables the location of devices that are indoors – from offices to airports, to malls, and beyond.

The technology can even determine which floor a device is on, creating a full 3D experience.

Also available is the Radio Map Admin Tool, a web-based application for venue owners to manage collected indoor data as well as monitor and manage Bluetooth beacons that are used in indoor mapping. The tool helps venue owners visualize and manipulate collected radio data.

How HERE Indoor Positioning works


Set the infrastructure

Ensure venue maps and radio infrastructure are in place with either Wi-Fi access points or Bluetooth beacons.

radio data collection

Radio data collection

Collect a record of Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth signals and strengths in the venue. Test to confirm indoor positioning is accurate.

develop applications

Develop applications

Begin developing applications with indoor technology capability with the HERE Mobile SDK.


Dig deeper

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The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.


Explore the features and benefits of HERE Indoor Positioning.

Installation Guide

Learn more about how to install HERE Indoor Positioning.


Questions? Check out the HERE Indoor Positioning FAQ.

User Guide

Learn more about how to use HERE Indoor Radio Mapper.

How can HERE help your business?

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Developer tools

Build with tools such as the Radio Map Admin Tool, to allow venue owners to manage collected indoor data.

Want to learn more?

Dive deeper into the world of HERE Indoor Positioning and how it can benefit you.

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