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Transit context that solves complex commuting problems

Seamless, accurate, comprehensive

The need for intuitive mobility tools has grown dramatically in recent years. People want more flexibility as they hop from the subway, to the bus, and to the train on their way to their final destination. Reliable travel information is essential for making this experience seamless, accurate and safe.

HERE solves the most complex commuting problems. It delivers valuable insights that allow people to choose the best routes and transit modes and navigate easily between lines and platforms.

Key differentiators

Keeping up with modern-day commuting

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Seamless transit connectivity

Travel and change with efficiency, and arrive on time. Transit includes a set of pedestrian connectivity features that show if and when a switch from one subway line to another is required, and the valuable links between different transport modes and connection hubs to help you reach your final destination. This is available in many countries around the world.

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Meaningful pedestrian instructions

When planning a route, a user needs to know how to get to the relevant transit station or how to walk to the final destination. With Transit, you know where you’re going – from start to finish. It takes into account and gives insights into valuable “pedestrian only“ information, such as stairs, elevators, pathways, bridges and tunnels to give you the most efficient route.

Dynamic transit routing

We provide a complete door-to-door experience. Our technology intelligently switches to estimated transit when no timetable or real-time data is available, and informs you if transit connections are delayed or if alternative travel methods are better. In addition, it caters to the most sensitive commuter needs, while accounting for trip duration, number of transfer points, tariff information, transit preferences, maximum walk and more.

Rich data sources

When dealing with the complexities of cities, you can never underestimate the amount of data sources needed to provide a complete transit solution. We leverage a rich portfolio of data from public transit authorities, external agencies and our own proprietary map, and use it to build comprehensive transit algorithms that keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing transit landscape. Our algorithms provide information on arrival and departure times based on either detailed transit schedules or real-time information where available. And when neither is possible, we forecast the travel time based on transit network configuration, stop density, vehicle type and hours of operation.

Get started with Transit

With seamless pedestrian connectivity, detailed transit instructions, plus dynamic routing, customers can untangle the logistics of public transport

Product applications

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Transportation & Logistics

Supporting businesses on the move

Technical information

Under the hood

Transit provides comprehensive transit coverage for suburbs and urban areas. It goes beyond simple navigation to provide rich context on lines, stations, platforms, pedestrian access points and more. We work with transit agencies and local providers to deliver timetables and up-to-the-minute travel information.

A walk-and-transit mode combines walking and transit instructions to ensure users make it to their destination on time. For an immersive urban mobility experience, Transit includes a "pedestrian only” capability that provides information on stairs, elevators, pathways, bridges and tunnels.

How Transit works

search for transit

Search for transit

A user searches for a transit stop either by name or location and receives information on the lines and departure times available. Service disruptions or delays are taken into account.

route to destination

Route to destination

Once a transit stop is selected, a route is created that displays the duration and number or transfer points. It provides walking directions and transit instructions through a combined walk-and-transit algorithm. It also displays any changes required and an accurate ETA.

pedestrian connections

Pedestrian connections

If a user needs to switch from one subway line to another or to a different public transport mode, Transit provides walking instructions to get there – including station entry and exit points.


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Developer tools

Use agency data, external services and data collected by HERE to discover public transit options, request routes plus any related information.

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