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HERE Last Mile

Help fleet managers take control of delivery operations with our end-to-end planning application.

Optimize your last-mile deliveries

Your last-mile deliveries are under increasing pressure – due to tightening deadlines, increasing costs and a rise in same-day and next-day deliveries.

Meet your challenges with HERE Last Mile, a complete end-to-end solution to make your logistics smarter. It provides a digital dashboard for fleet managers and a mobile app for drivers. HERE Last Mile helps you reduce your costs, improve productivity and retain drivers while growing your business.

Built on our highly accurate location data, HERE Last Mile plans the best route for your drivers. You can improve your service by giving your customers more accurate ETAs and offering more competitive prices.

Optimize and plan urban deliveries across any fleet size. Plan smarter routes, react to sudden changes and feedback status updates in one, convenient application. Meet the specific demands of truck deliveries, with routes avoiding features such as low bridges, narrow roads and inner-city restrictions.

truck with clock

Increase accuracy of ETAs by up to 25%

Improve forecasting accuracy with real-time and predictive traffic updates. See live updates, including proof of delivery via image collection, signature and barcode scanning.

two trucks and list

Reduce fleet operating costs by up to 21%

Increase efficiency by using accurate geocoding and addressing for delivery locations. Define job constraints, priorities and availability windows to help reduce idle time.


Increase stops per route by up to 30%

Make your fleets more productive – without adding extra drivers or vehicles. Create more efficient routes so drivers can deliver goods at speed and at ease.

Discover the benefits of HERE Last Mile

Optimize fleet routes

Create the most efficient routes for your entire fleet in one click, with accurate ETAs based on current and past traffic patterns, delivery windows, shift times and vehicle types.

Replan routes at anytime

React quickly to changing conditions on the road as they occur. Instantly reoptimize routes when adding new jobs or removing cancelled deliveries to uphold your ETAs.

Provide driver support

Keep drivers aligned with run sheets, route progress and completed deliveries. Provide turn-by-turn navigation and sync data between web and mobile applications.

Leverage our APIs for additional customization

graphic of truck following tour plan

HERE Tour Planning API

Create optimized routes for each vehicle using an API call that can balance fleet capabilities with shift demands.



Build mobile-first native Android and iOS applications –featuring turn-by-turn voice navigation, traffic data and offline maps.

graphic of monitor showing HERE Data


Ensure your fleet managers have the most accurate, up-to-date information possible by using enterprise-grade, globally available location data.


HERE Routing

Solve routing challenges and provide delivery ETAs for moving fleets with truck-specific attributes designed for fleet safety and compliance.

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