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Flexible and scalable development kit for connected embedded navigation solutions

Moving beyond navigation towards personalized guidance

Today’s drivers want more than a wayfinding app. In a connected world, they expect in-vehicle navigation to provide up-to-date, contextual and relevant information.

It should make the journey safer, faster, and more enjoyable by providing personalized guidance – from door-to-door.

HERE Auto SDK enables OEMs to design guidance solutions, which blend learned driver behavior with the latest map and traffic information from the cloud to provide a trulypersonal and relevant experience.

Its ability to seamlessly integrate the mobile for pre-trip planning and last-mile guidance, provides an end-to-end solution that extends beyond the vehicle.

Key differentiators

The foundation for a world-class guidance experience

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Complete navigation solution

From map content with integrated connected vehicle services to mobile companion assets and electronic horizon provider software, HERE Auto SDK integrates all components to enable a state-of-the-art navigation experience.

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Getting better with every trip

With HERE Auto SDK, navigation solutions adapt to the vehicle’s drivers. By identifying behavioral patterns and common routes, the self-learning technology gets to know them a little better with every trip, improving predictions and route calculations for a more personalized driving experience.

Flexibility for every vehicles segment

HERE Auto SDK’s architecture fits to any hardware platform. Modules can be customized or added to the core. It flexibly integrates with HERE Connected Vehicle Services or 3rd party services, leaving OEMs additional room to adjust their offering.

Supportive during every part of the journey

HERE Auto SDK seamlessly integrates the mobile phone into the navigation solution. Active routes can be handed over from the phone companion app to the embedded navigation and vice versa, enabling guidance from door-to-door. Multimodal transportation is also supported.

Online, but only when needed

HERE Auto SDK allows for a seamless transition between online and offline operation, including map content, routing and POI search. OEMs can therefore flexibly optimize the final solution in line with connectivity cost targets and market requirements.

Contributing to safety and comfort

HERE Auto SDK helps minimize driver distraction and stress by providing contextually relevant and timely information to avoid situations like heavy traffic or road hazards. Its integrated Electronic Horizon improves ADAS performance by providing anticipatory data or backup for hardware sensors.

Get started with HERE Auto SDK

With machine learning capabilities, seamless mobile integration, plus effortless online to offline operation, true personalized guidance for your customers has arrived.

Product applications

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Making sense of the road ahead

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Auto SDK is a scalable, OS agnostic development toolkit for embedded navigation experiences with easy-to-use C++ APIs, NDS map support and flexibility to fit any hardware platform.

The advanced navigation core supports self-learning as well as hybrid content handling from both online and offline sources.

HERE Auto SDK enables OEMs to reduce time-to-market by including all map-related functions out-of-the-box, such as routing, TBT guidance, positioning, rendering and search, as well as access to the complete suite of HERE Connected Vehicle Services. HERE Auto SDK can also host the Electronic Horizon provider, enabling it to power ADAS.

How HERE Auto SDK works

self learning nav core

Self-learning navigation core

Advanced machine learning capabilities enable HERE Auto SDK to learn driver behavior and deliver personalized routing recommendations and predictions based on latest traffic information from the cloud.

cloud integration

Flexible cloud integration

The hybrid navigation seamlessly transitions between online and offline operation leveraging local or live data from either HERE Connected Vehicle Services or 3rd party services

mobile integration

Seamless mobile integration

Combined with HERE Auto Mobile SDK routes, POIs and user data can be synced between the car and the mobile companion. From pre-trip planning to first and last mile guidance, we enable a door-to-door experience.


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Quick and flexible software development tools for embedded in-car experiences.

HERE Auto Mobile SDK

HERE Auto Mobile SDK - A sophisticated set of location assets powering mobile companion or navigation applications.

Discover HERE Auto SDK today

The flexible and scalable development kit powering state-of-the-art embedded navigation applications.

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