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View of many workspace as a service dashboards using location data, location API, workspace tools and developer tools.

HERE Workspace

Build and scale location-based products, services and applications in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Maximize your data with our tools, products and services

Create location-centric products and services in one collaborative space. After finding and selecting the right data from some of the world's biggest brands in HERE Marketplace, use HERE Workspace to start developing your services.

Access location-domain specific tools, services and data to help you perform location analytics, map creation, service customization, location-data enrichment and anonymization.

Use our built-in tooling to manage and monitor platform resources, including end-to-end development, life-cycle management and distribution of datasets and services. Visualize your data on a map and turn it into a compelling story with HERE Studio. Choose to build your own services or monetize them by licensing on HERE Marketplace.




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Create your own map

Build a custom map with our automated tools. Tailor our location services with your private data.

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Reduce time to market

Operate at scale with tools that allow you to build once and roll out globally. Create commercial solutions at speed with our location services.

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Privacy by design

Manage your data and who can access it. Share and restrict access, as and when you need to.

Explore, analyze and manipulate data with our end-to-end platform

Create private maps and enrich custom maps

Use sensor data to create and update maps of private sites. Create new map layers such as changes in air quality or road surface conditions. Choose from low-code/no-code customizable pipeline templates or develop further solutions in your preferred coding language using our development tools, SDKs and services. Build custom routing with our configurable location services to enhance your use case.

Develop custom location services

Customize our RESTful APIs with your data. Programmatically load and process large data sets using an SDK in the language of your choice. Quickly convert your data into a standard form with our customizable pipeline templates.

Build interactive visualizations

Get a visual overview of your data by inspecting its structure with HERE Data Inspector. Perform data-driven cartographic styling and cleanse spatial data, extend or replace geometries in HERE Studio. Leverage the power of ipyleaflet by using interactive data visualizations in Jupyter notebooks.

Perform advanced analytics

Analyze location-related data with the HERE Data SDK for Python and use Python's large ecosystem of analytics libraries. Learn how to analyze location related data or apply machine learning by using our tutorials in Jupyter notebooks. Derive global-level insights by processing large amounts of data in Spark pipelines on the platform using Java and Scala. Manage and share models and experiments for better collaboration.

Enrich your data with location data

Improve the quality of your data by conflating, cleansing, geocoding, clustering and matching it to the HERE Map. Enhance your solutions by using your own or licensed 3rd party data from the HERE Marketplace with one of our Data SDKs.

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Key products

Anonymize data to maximize value

Protect privacy by validating, cleaning and harmonizing raw data with our ready-to-use real-time anonymization pipeline. Adjust privacy settings to be in line with your strategy. Reduce the risk of identification with our advanced concealment techniques.


Foundational services




Map content

Benefit from a large variety of map layers with details such as road segments, addresses, cartographic data and administrative areas.

Traffic flow and Incidents

Use highly accurate traffic data from multiple sources including connected car probes, roadway sensors and live operations centers.

Weather data

Find out past, current and forecasted weather conditions with attributes such as temperature, precipitation, visibility and pavement conditions.

Optimized maps

Use HERE Map content in the most efficient way by selecting the best map for your use cases such as visualization, analytics and map matching.

Foundational services

Data API

Store and access location-centric data, including streams, key/value pairs, version-managed, partitioned data and interactive geo-feature data. Manage your data by controlling who has access to it.


Pipeline service

Develop data-processing logic using Apache Flink for streaming data and Apache Spark for batch data. Deploy your logic in the Pipeline Service to scale. Remove the need to provision or operate infrastructure with our managed pipeline service.

Location services

Solve complex location problems from geofencing to custom routing with our services. Customize these services based on your own business logic and data by combining HERE data with your own.


Data SDK for Java & Scala

Data SDK for Python

Access data from the HERE platform, process sensor data or transform map data.

Data SDK for C++

Connect devices like smartphones, IoT robots and cars to the HERE platform. Discover read and write data access to the platform with authentication, caching and error handling.

Data SDK for TypeScript

Benefit from authentication, read and write data access and connect web apps and connected devices to the HERE platform.


Command line interface

Access HERE platform services from a command line or with scripts to enable CI/CD.

Jupyter Notebooks

Analyze location-centric data using Jupyter notebooks, Python and Apache Spark. Visualize the results of your analysis, employ predictive analytics and share your results with Notebooks.

Customizable pipeline templates

Process data and accelerate your solutions by deploying scalable, customizable processing blocks that fit your workflow without writing any code.


Manage and share your data, pipelines, schemas, templates. Inspect and visualize data with Data Inspector and HERE Studio.


Define the structure of your custom data and/or use built-in Protobuf schemas to serialize and deserialize data from within your pipeline code or an external process. HERE Workspace includes schemas for common data formats such as SDII and SENSORIS.

Data Inspector

Inspect and visualize your data.

HERE Studio

Make better business decisions by visualizing geospatial data on a map. Upload, style and edit your intercave map layers.

Monitoring & Logging

Create and monitor alerts for your pipeline applications on the HERE platform through Grafana – an open-source metric analytics and visualization suite. Search your application logs and save them as reports using a managed Splunk environment.

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Customer stories

The journey to connected vehicles

See how, connects location technologies with machine learning capabilities to create safer services for passengers and reduce fatalities on the road.

With their open location platform, they're transforming the industry.

Rafay Khan, CEO of

Creating the next level of mobility

Watch how NIRA Dynamics uses data from HERE to understand road surfaces to help improve safety.

Utilizing HERE Technologies, we can focus on what we do best.

Johan Brynas, CPO of NIRA Dynamics

Related tools & services

HERE Anonymizer

Preserve privacy as you unlock the value of location data at scale with customizable real-time anonymization tools.

HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.

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