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HERE Indoor Map

Smart, interactive indoor maps

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Smart indoor mapping for building owners

The process of pinpointing locations and plotting routes inside buildings is often difficult and error-prone.

HERE Indoor Map removes the guesswork for building owners with a platform to create and edit accurate indoor maps at scale – all for an affordable price.

Building owners can optionally publish their maps to a growing ecosystem of partners on the HERE Indoor Map Marketplace. With complete control over distribution, owners can use and serve different industries and markets beyond their usual reach.

Efficient indoor mapping at a global scale

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Fast and cost-effective

Create your map in just a few days with HERE Indoor Map, one of the most affordable indoor mapping solutions on the market.

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Comprehensive tools

Quickly produce and maintain indoor maps at scale. Our easy-to-use format helps you minimize engineering time.

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Versatile uses

Easily create mobile and web-friendly interactive indoor maps.Use our data format to control what your maps contain and our platform to personalize the look of your apps.

Complete data control

Access and download indoor maps in a variety of formats to match your workflow.

Robust data security

Choose to have your venues hosted securely by HERE, or retain the setup of your indoor maps behind your own firewall.

Seamless indoor routing

Enhance your HERE Indoor Map with indoor routing networks that underpin seamless point-to-point routing across campuses, buildings and more.

Accurate, fresh maps

Venues constantly change. Update your map in near real time through our self-service editing tools, or by submitting a change to our factory.

Get started with HERE Indoor Map

Bring leading indoor intelligence to your applications.

Product applications

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Public Sector & Infrastructure
Internet & Media

Developer benefits

build fast

Build fast

Upload floor plans and use HERE Indoor Map to quickly generate digital indoor maps that can be published to partner apps.


Update quickly

Use self-serve tools to manage your own updates or send new floor plans to be ingested directly to the HERE Indoor Map team.

share widely

Share widely

Map once, distribute everywhere. Publish your maps to any number of partners in the HERE Indoor Map Marketplace.


Ready to build?

A suite of SDKs, APIs and tools for indoor intelligence.

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Start using HERE Indoor Map

Bring leading indoor intelligence to your applications.