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5G tower

HERE Geodata Models

Accelerate your switch to 5G with accuracy in network planning and design, saving time and money during deployment

Build the future

5G will take mobile connectivity to the next level but developing the necessary infrastructure can be time consuming and expensive.

Knowing the exact location of natural and manmade obstacles is essential for 5G, as its cell sites require clear lines of sight.

We've mapped the world's roads and urban environments with high precision technology to create scalable, richly-attributed and indexed 3D models.

These models pinpoint the location and geometry of objects and infrastructure down to sub-meter accuracy.

This allows you to assess locations remotely to improve planning, prioritize deployment and reduce physical site surveys.

Use HERE Geodata Models to maximize the return on your investment and lead the next wave of technology innovation.

man on doing simulations on computer
HERE Geodata Models

See how location technology makes building your network easier

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Next generation network deployment

surveyors planning

Improve planning

Cut operational costs by up to 40% by streamlining your network planning and design workflows. Assess cell location sites centrally and confidently from a desktop to reduce survey crews needed in the field.

men working on 5G tower

Deploy faster

Design and build your network more efficiently with greater insights of where to place antennas. Gain a competitive advantage by getting to service quicker.

man on mobile connected to 5G

Increase revenue

Lead the new 5G-powered innovation era, from fixed and mobile wireless broadband services to autonomous driving to mobile edge computing. Grow your business by creating new revenue streams and opportunities.

Developer benefits


Data richness

Access one of the largest, most accurate combination of lidar, aerial and satellite imagery on the market.


Optimized performance

Carry out radio frequency modeling and simulations to identify the optimal placement of 5G antennas.


Extreme accuracy

Take precision to a new level. Our global datasets have sub-meter accuracy that surpasses existing GIS.


Data sheet

Read more on how HERE Geodata Models can help you plan your wireless network.

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