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Make maps

Streamline operations and improve customer experience by creating and maintaining digital maps. Add business insights with HERE mapping technology.

Elevate your business
decisions with a digital map

Fully utilize data-led insights to optimize your operations, infrastructure planning and workforce management.

View of map data and mapmaking with lidar data.

Select the right service for your data

Choose from multiple tools and resources designed to work with various inputs, such as sensor data, map data, imagery, LiDAR data and more.

View of mapmaking solutions that use mapmaking technology, mapping platform, low code platform and mapping tools.

Build with ease

Create quick and easy maps using pre-packaged templates designed for low-code/no-code use.

Develop your map further

Optimize your map for multiple use cases. Create a location service or mobile app based on your map. Utilize the digital twin for analytics or sell it on HERE Marketplace.

Make maps with our tools and services


HERE Workspace

Create, roll out and scale location-centric data products, services and applications securely in the cloud.


Integrate location features into your apps when online or offline using pre-built UIs and personalization options.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Improve location accuracy and context with precise conversion and discovery of geocoordinates and addresses.

HERE Routing

Help developers customize routes while avoiding certain areas by easily marking places that are out of bounds.

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Easily create maps with low-code/no-code templates based on real-time data.