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HERE Location Services

Based on one of the strongest mapping platforms in the industry

truck on road
Location Services

Fleet Telematics

Go beyond simple A to B routing and increase fleet performance with advanced real-time data

London city buildings viewed from above
Location Services


High-precision mapping of geo-coordinates and addresses

Lady receives location based advert on her phone
Location Services


Smart location context that takes advertising campaigns to the next level

mobile phone navigation on car windshield
Location Services

Live Sense SDK

An AI-powered SDK that transforms camera-enabled devices into hazard awareness sensors for drivers

person on phone
Location Services


A trusted SDK to build your native apps

Truck dashboard with navigation
Location Services


Highly accurate maps, available worldwide

Modern city buildings viewed from above
Location Services


Vast POI database with search, discovery and interaction

complex roads
Location Services


Intelligent routing algorithms for safe and efficient journeys

server room
Location Services


Host location services on your preferred infrastructure

traffic on street
Location Services


Highly accurate traffic data that decreases congestion, reduces accidents and improves navigation for drivers

Railway line with train next to a river
Location Services


Transit context that solves complex commuting problems

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Take your business forward with a range of location services product solutions that can meet your every need.