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Location Services

Solve complex location problems from geofencing to custom routing.

truck on road
Location Services

HERE Fleet Telematics

Go beyond simple A to B routing and increase fleet performance with advanced real-time data.

young delivery man looking at address on phone using app with HERE Geocoding and Search
Location Services

HERE Geocoding & Search

Highly precise and relevant location context that saves time for your business

mobile phone navigation on car windshield
Location Services

HERE Live Sense SDK

Highly accurate maps, available worldwide.

person on phone
Location Services


A trusted SDK to build your native apps.

Truck dashboard with navigation
Location Services

HERE Map Rendering

Power the performance of your fleet, deliver goods on time and improve route planning with our enterprise-grade maps.

people on bus using HERE Routing on their phones
Location Services

HERE Routing

Advanced algorithms that help create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses

server room
Location Services


Host location services on your preferred infrastructure.

traffic on street
Location Services

HERE Traffic

Highly accurate traffic data that decreases congestion, reduces accidents and improves navigation for drivers

Railway line with train next to a river
Location Services

HERE Transit

Transit context that solves complex commuting problems

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

Take your business forward with a range of location services product solutions that can meet your every need.