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Accelerating 3D city animations with Shomen

Shomen used highly detailed HERE 3D maps to animate downtown San Francisco with a 30% faster turnaround.


Creating an animation of downtown San Francisco in seven weeks

When a production company needs to create an animation of a street or city, it can take days or even weeks to gather all the reference data they need before they even start. The same can be true for scouting locations, with costly site visits causing delays or proving fruitless when the location is unsuitable.


Delivering an exceedingly detailed and accurate map

With HERE 3D maps, powered by AWS, Shomen got an exceedingly detailed, accurate map of San Francisco without having to build or measure anything themselves. With no site visits required, the animation artists were able to get started straight away.


Making city 3D animation easier and more efficient

Faster animation process

Faster animation process

Using HERE Premier 3D Cities to eliminate the need for location scouting and save time in the preparation stage.

More focus on creativity

More focus on creativity

Saving your animators' time and effort by giving them highly detailed 3D maps they can easily build from.

Better client communication

Better client communication

Giving customers clear visualization tools that make the planning process faster and more effective.

The geolocation maps that HERE offers are phenomenal.

James Bennett

Founder, Shomen Productions

Shomen customer story

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