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Professor Carlo Ratti

Can data make cities more human?

As part of our New Reality series, Carlo Ratti of MIT explores how location technology can help cities sense and adapt to the changing needs of its people.

The New Reality

A future enabled by location technology, today

In this four-part series, HERE collaborates with four thought-leaders to explore the rapidly growing impact of location technology on four critical topics: smart cities, transportation, mobility and data monetization. Hear their ideas and views on the opportunities it is opening up for urban environments, and the businesses and governments who serve them.

It's really a utopia or oblivion moment - it depends on us architects where we want to go

Professor Carlo Ratti. Director of SENSEable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Architect, engineer, inventor and activist, Ratti believes the new reality of cities is that the merging of physical and digital worlds offers us the opportunity to shape a new future. His research group at MIT explores how new technologies are changing the way we understand, design and ultimately live in urban environments.

Sanjay Sood

How is HERE making this a reality?

Sood and his team are passionate about the possibilities data and location technology offer the smart cities of today, and the future. He sees cities using connected devices like street lamps and traffic lights to evolve existing infrastructure.

Sood believes that through innovative technological solutions like HERE’s Open Location Platform, and with the willingness of cities, governments and private companies to pool data, everybody can benefit from richer insights in order to plan smarter cities, improve the quality of life for the people living there, and transform the businesses who serve them.

Collate icon

Only by collating data from both organizations and governments can city planners establish the context needed to create smarter cities – made possible by the HERE Location Platform.

Icon users

HERE collaborates with Copenhagen and the BMW Group to create a comprehensive, real-time data pool, from which we create innovative services to benefit both users and the city.

icon data

In Hamburg, HERE is already using data to develop services that enable transport users to move through the city more efficiently and quickly.

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With NVIDA, HERE is developing the cutting edge of self-driving technology, with HERE HD Live Map intelligent mapping and advanced localization modeling. 

Let’s create your new reality

Through a unique combination of data and services, we will partner with you to create value with location technology. To learn more about how HERE can enable new opportunities for your business, contact our team or read more about our scalable Smart City solutions.

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