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March 2020 Release Highlights

March 2020 Release Highlights

Welcome to the latest announcements for the HERE Location Services. This post covers the D115 release of HERE Location Services.

This release includes updates of: Routing API, Maps API for JavaScript, Geocoder API, Batch Geocoder API, Tracking, Fleet Telematics API, HERE SDK for Android and iOS and Map Data for Mobile SDK.

The release is a maintenance release. For more detailed information about the major improvements of the HERE Location Services, see the sections below. 

You will find all API documentation on the Developer Portal.

HERE Location Services on Platform

Routing API (Version 8.1.2)

  • Added elevation value for return parameter.

You will find the Release Notification on the Developer Portal.

HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Lite Edition) (Version

  • Added a TileServerProvider interface that allows a custom implementation to generate dynamic URLs for a RasterLayer. This can be useful to set different raster layer sources based on the region in the world.
  • Added SimpleTileServerProvider as a convenience implementation that sets a static tile URL provider.

HERE SDK for Android and iOS (Explore Edition) (Version

  • Added new built in map schemes: MapScheme.GREY_DAY and MapScheme.GREY_NIGHT.
  • Added two new layer names: TRAFFIC_FLOW and TRAFFIC_INCIDENTS to the MapScene. Layers struct to be used for switching on/off traffic flow and incidents.
  • Added SVG support with MapImage constructor that supports SVG Tiny images.
  • Added MapImageFactory.fromFile factory method for creating map images from SVG Tiny map images.

Maps API for JavaScript (Version

  • The new Geocoding and Search API v7 and Routing API v7 REST services were added.
  • We enabled the ability to store vector tiles, provided by the Vector Tile API, for offline use.
  • The performance of style updates of the map objects was improved.

HERE Location Services

Fleet Telematics API (Version 3.0.29)

  • Reach waypoint on the correct side of street.
  • Legal driver rest times can be automatically considered for the current country.
  • In addition to the total vehicle gross weight and weight per axle, now also the weight per tandem axle can be specified.
  • Route summary per country (distance and travel time).
  • If toll calculation/optimization is active than the country summary will also contain the tollRoadDistance.

Routing API (Version 7.2.114)

  • Added an option to consider side of street when arriving at a waypoint

Tracking 1.6.1

  • We added support for Tracking Projects created through
  • We added new APIs for fetching metadata of resources.

The following services had new releases with minor changes:

  • Geocoder API version 6.2.60
  • Batch Geocoder API version 6.2.60
  • Map Data for Mobile SDK (Version, March 2020)
Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden

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