HERE Real-Time Traffic

Real-time traffic data that keeps drivers moving


The true cost of traffic

The time lost, and associated cost, to drivers sitting in traffic is immense. But what if drivers had access to more accurate information about congestion and incidents like construction zones, accidents, traffic routes and estimated time of arrivals?

HERE Real-time Traffic delivers this precise information to create a smarter and safer driving experience.

Technical Information

The live road ahead

HERE Real-Time Traffic provides the closest thing to a live depiction of the road. It identifies where, when and why traffic congestion occurs, and delivers up-to-the-minute information on the road conditions and incidents that could set a driver back.

Real-time traffic data is aggregated and analyzed from a sophisticated mix of sources, including high-quality rich vehicle sensor data. The result: best-in-class accuracy in depiction of real-world traffic conditions.

How the service works:

Aggregation of flow and incident data

HERE Technologies brings incident traffic to 31 countries and flow traffic to 63 countries.

Enrichment with rich sensor data

Data is collected in real-time from vehicle sensors, fixed road sensors, government sources and historical traffic records, delivering an unmatched, low-latency feed.

Differentiated feature creation

Innovative features like Reversible Express Lanes and Split Lane Traffic allow HERE to pave a new way for traffic services.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators.

Unmatched value for a better driving experience​

With HERE Real-Time Traffic, drivers get the most accurate feed of information on everything from traffic flows, ETA’s and road work to unplanned incidents like accidents and closures – helping them find their destinations quickly and safely.

We’re more than a data provider – we’re a partner.

Reliability as its best

Incorporating multiple OEMs vehicle probe and sensor data in order to provide the highest level of traffic quality in the automotive industry.

Efficiency and speed in data delivery

Delivering up-to-the-minute traffic information about current traffic conditions and incidents that could cause delays, allowing drivers to make smarter routing decisions.

Accuracy for all function class roads

Continuously validating flow and incident data for accurate routing and ETA calculations and map coloring, with more precise data for arterial roads.

Safety in the most critical moments

Providing innovative traffic features such as Traffic Safety Warning, that delivers accurate information to alert drivers of an incident and know when to re-route in order to get to their destination safely.

Easy and fast implementation

Simplifying the process of integrating HERE Traffic and providing the tools and support needed for a quicker time to market.

Familiar interactions to reduce distraction

Matching the performance of existing smartphone applications without the distractions of a handheld device, creating a safer and easier driving experience.

Looking for more guidance?

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