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HERE Hazard Warnings

Keeping vehicles, and their drivers, perfectly alert


Depicting the road ahead

Neither human nor machine vision can “see” what is happening in 2 kilometers, around the corner, or in front of the truck they’re following.

HERE Hazard Warnings completely changes the game by alerting drivers in advance of upcoming road conditions along their journey. Fewer surprises, fewer incidents, greater safety.

Technical Information

HERE Hazard Warnings: Under the hood

HERE Hazard Warnings is a real-time, cloud-based service derived from rich vehicle sensor data, pooled across multiple car brands.

The service provides targeted alerts to drivers traveling through areas affected by a road hazard. This information is delivered to drivers via connected infotainment systems, or consumed by the vehicle’s ADAS functions to enable safer driving experiences.

HERE delivers hazard information at a low latency, taking just seconds rather than minutes to update. The service relies on data from vehicle sensors such as wipers, SRS airbag, ABS events and more to create the following types of warnings:

  • Accident warning

  • Broken-down vehicle warning

  • Slippery road warning

  • Reduced visibility warnings, including fog and heavy rain

How the service works:

Hazard detection

Upon detecting inclement weather conditions, break-down or crash, the vehicle sends a message to the cloud via standard mobile telecommunications technology communicating hazard-type, position and root-cause.

Data processing

The received data is checked against the minimum set of required event attributes, the event is map-matched and correlated with real-time weather data (where applicable) to ensure validity.

Service delivery

After data clustering is completed, the outgoing warnings are delivered to a micro-targeted set of cars whose routes will be affected by those hazards. The service is delivered in standard TPEG Binary and TPEG XML formats.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Bytes of data for increased road safety

Delivering timely alerts to drivers, HERE Hazard Warnings enables proactive avoidance of hazardous road situations, reduces risk and saves lives with only a few bytes of information.

Making roads more predictable

HERE Hazard Warnings is an active safety service, notifying drivers of hazards down the road. This lets drivers proactively make the right driving decision before it's too late.

Data-inspired confidence

Taking vehicle sensor data pooled from cars on the road and correlating it with local weather conditions (where applicable), drivers - and in the future, self driving cars - can feel confident that the warnings they see are trustworthy.

Hands free, distraction free

HERE Hazard Warnings reduces the need for drivers to perform any manual action to report on dangerous road conditions. Instead, the events are created automatically once vehicle sensors experience them.

Delivered only where it counts

With enhanced map-matching, HERE Hazard Warnings precisely localizes hazards and alerts just for road users traveling in the affected area. This helps to ensure road safety and supports OEMs to save on redundant data transmission costs.

Fuelling more efficient journeys

By knowing what obstacles are on the road, unnecessary acceleration and deceleration can be avoided, making fuel consumption more efficient.

Coverage, far and wide

Across all geographies, even the largest OEMs can’t achieve the volume of data required for automotive-grade services. Aggregating data from multiple OEM brands enables HERE to provide the most robust, global coverage.

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