HERE Fuel Prices

Locating your preferred fuel station


Fuel information should never be hard to find

Drivers are often in new locations where they struggle to find a place to fill up – let alone a fuel station that fits their wallet. Most drivers are prepared to drive extra miles to find better value.

HERE Fuel Prices is a dynamic service delivering tailored fuel stop recommendations directly to in-vehicle displays at the exact point a driver needs them.

Technical Information

HERE Fuel Prices: Under the hood

HERE Fuel Prices is a RESTful information service providing locations for cheaper fuel prices and recommendations based on learned driver preferences.

By analyzing data in real-time the navigation application can filter out fuel stations in the area that don’t fit a driver’s needs, showing them just a few highly relevant options at the most appropriate time.

How the service works:

Data collection

HERE relies on its fleet of mapping cars capturing data and partnerships with governments, fuel brands, and local fuel price aggregators to make sure no station is unmapped.

POI ranking

With every search, the service calculates a Fuel Price Index, a ranking of nearby fuel prices, to give drivers relevant information on where to fill up at the best price.


Through cloud-learning, user profiles are created after a few instances considering parameters such as comfort zone, price sensitivity, distance to station and brand preference.

Our Differentiators, Your Differentiators

Helping drivers save money

HERE Fuel Prices allows drivers to find the cheapest gas stop in their vicinity.

Superior coverage for OEMs and their customers

HERE aggregates data from multiple sources, providing OEMs the coverage required for a truly scalable, automotive-grade offering.

The smartest choice

The service provides not only the actual fuel price information, but also a fuel price index, allowing the driver to see the cheapest options in the selected geographic area.

The trusted partner

By partnering with HERE, OEMs no longer need to enter into partnerships with multiple local service providers to ensure drivers in different areas have fuel prices directly in their in-dash systems. Instead, HERE aggregates data into one service and ensures automotive-grade SLAs across borders.

Know exactly what a fuel station has to offer

Drivers need more information than the location of a fuel stop. HERE Fuel Prices helps driver’s answer questions such as when a station opens, which types of fuel are available, and what else the facility has to offer.

Looking for more guidance?

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