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New mobility services

Frictionless urban transportation is now a reality

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Provide a seamless user experience

Develop personalized and customizable applications based on the needs of your users using location intelligence. Strengthen customer loyalty by providing new services, a consistent digital experience, and timely offers.

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Optimize business operations

Use applications, platforms and mapping content from HERE to scale and improve time to market. Leverage sophisticated technology for fleet planning and trip analysis to help with cost reduction and service efficiency.

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Maintain a competitive edge

Future-proof your mobility services with new capabilities, including big data processing and data visualization. Ensure your operations are secure and flexible by leveraging HERE’s one-stop development platform.

Location intelligence in action

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How APIs help deliver harmonized urban mobility

Find out how APIs from HERE help private and public transport organizations delight users with a range of services, mitigate disruption and get people from A to B quickly and easily.

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Enhance your services with location intelligence to:

  • Use real-time information to get people from A to B faster 
  • Provide accurate ETAs and pinpoint pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Offer reliable services using the world’s most complete location platform

Products transforming urban mobility