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Navigation and Infotainment

Simplify the development of connected navigation experiences

The future of navigation

Going beyond the destination

Navigation is poised to become deeply personal and useful throughout the day – inside and outside of the vehicle. It will know exactly who’s behind the wheel and anticipate their needs along the way, while also providing information to drivers in a way that doesn’t distract them, but instead makes their daily commute safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable. 

Not only are drivers demanding more innovative and personalized experiences behind the wheel, the industry is too. When it comes to infotainment and embedded navigation systems, automotive OEMs are looking for more efficient, scalable solutions. 

Key differentiators

Always thinking forward

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Enhanced safety

Next-gen navigation will make journeys safer and more reliable by intuitively alerting drivers of upcoming events such as slippery roads, providing an understanding of the road beyond what the eye can see.

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More convenience

With traffic-optimized driving routes to save time, navigation continues to make driving more efficient. This also means insights into nearby fuel stops, charging stations and parking.

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Highly personal

By learning patterns and preferences, navigation makes the driver experience more personal, providing contextually relevant content at the right moments

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Convenient, safe and personal.

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Success stories

One giant leap: the Audi A8 Navigation system and HERE

Creating a landmark navigation experience for the Audi A8 meant architecting a completely new plan for how drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles.

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