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2016-02-25/01 - HERE launches new service in Kuwait for drivers to receive valuable information on nearby traffic and road conditions

HERE launches new service in Kuwait for drivers to receive valuable information on nearby traffic and road conditions

Berlin, Germany
25 February 2016
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HERE, a leader in mapping and location technology, has launched, in conjunction with Marina FM, the first Radio Data System - Traffic Messaging Channel (RDS-TMC) service in Kuwait, enabling drivers to see fresh and accurate real time traffic information on their vehicle’s head unit display or Personal Navigation Device (PND).

RDS-TMC is an efficient, reliable and for drivers, cost-friendly, way to receive valuable information on nearby road conditions. There is no need for wireless or data packages.

“HERE Real Time Traffic provides up-to-the-minute information about current traffic conditions, helping drivers make the best decision about the rest of their journey by improving the accuracy of arrival times,” said Tony Belkin, head of HERE Traffic Services. “As a leading provider of high-quality traffic information across the globe, HERE creates for each market a custom approach to deliver information to drivers in the most effective format possible.”

HERE Real Time Traffic is available in a wide variety of formats and distribution options, including DAB+, RDS, HD Radio, connected APIs and TPEG. HERE Real Time Traffic for connected devices has been available in Kuwait since June 2015. In the coming months, HERE plans to further expand its traffic services across the Gulf region.

HERE collects and updates traffic information every 60 seconds from a broad range of sources, including billions of speed probes taken from cars and mobile devices every day. HERE Traffic Services are built on a highly intelligent traffic engine that incorporates advanced routing technologies, analytics, predictive services and the input of a highly trained traffic monitoring team. To learn more about our Traffic Services, visit this link.

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