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Hyundai selects HERE HD+ Traffic service for 2017 vehicle models sold in the U.S. and Canada

2016-11-16 - Hyundai selects HERE HD+ Traffic service for 2017
Chicago, Illinois
16 November 2016

Driver demand for traffic information is at an all-time high and HERE delivers this critical information to the vehicles’ dashboard in more ways than ever

Chicago, Illinois – HERE, the Open Location Platform company, announced today that its HD+ Traffic service will be available in select 2017 Hyundai cars sold in the U.S. and Canada. HERE HD+ Traffic is an innovative new distribution mechanism that offers drivers real-time traffic information by combining the best in broadcast and connected vehicle technology. 

HERE HD+ Traffic will be available in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Ioniq and Veloster.

“Our partnering with HERE HD+ is a testament to the shared mission to improve customer experience in our vehicles,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president, corporate and product planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Incorporating their service into our 2017 models is another example of Hyundai using the latest technology to make driving better.”

HERE HD+ Traffic addresses the existing market challenge of automakers providing drivers connected traffic information without the OEM incurring excess cellular data fees. HERE HD+ Traffic utilizes TPEG format in both connected and broadcast services which enables simple switching – allowing for broadcast traffic to be used in major metropolitan areas where most traffic congestion occurs, and connected to be used outside of broadcast areas. HD+ Traffic delivers the most innovative HERE features, including Split Lane Traffic and Reversible Express Lanes.

“No matter the vehicle or required delivery mechanism, HERE provides accurate and reliable real-time traffic information to drivers across 58 countries,” said Tony Belkin, head of Traffic and Dynamic Content at HERE. “Our HD+ Traffic service reflects our constant efforts to enhance today’s driving experience, and at the same time introduce services – including the first real-time traffic service that incorporates vehicle sensor data from multiple car companies – to enable the driving experience of tomorrow.”

To learn more about HERE Traffic, visit our HERE 360 blog.

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