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Transportation & Logistics

Last Mile Service and Delivery

Deliver on-time and build customer loyalty


Streamline delivery

It’s a fact: 40-50% of the total cost of delivery occurs at the last mile.

From restaurant delivery services to parcel post, logistics and operations professionals must move goods from distribution hubs to customers on time and at the lowest cost. Last mile delivery not only makes up a huge chunk of the total delivery cost, but also fundamentally affects customer loyalty.

For these reasons, retailers, on-demand delivery companies and logistics providers are hungry for new technologies and processes to evolve last-mile delivery. The goal is to deliver on time to enhance customer satisfaction, while boosting driver throughput and saving money and resources.

Key differentiators

Craft smarter solutions

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Create optimized tour plans

Use our fleet telematics API to manage and optimize the entire delivery ecosystem, better allocating thousands of jobs to your fleet. This helps you improve your operational efficiency and fulfillment times.

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Empower drivers

Empower your drivers to avoid traffic and streamline deliveries. Build native apps using our mobile SDKs to give each driver precise map data, turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to alter plans on-the-fly.

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Improved customer experience

Encourage loyalty by providing a seamless delivery experience. Help drivers manage same or next-day delivery via smart routing. Provide a frictionless experience with a delivery tracking app.

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Lower operational costs with efficient routing

Plan optimal delivery routing based on travel time, fuel costs and road tolls. Isoline routing, customizable geofencing, toll cost analysis and more work together for logistical excellence.

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How our customers achieved success

How GotFlowers is disrupting the florist industry with HERE

Mom and pop florists were beholden to legacy third-party services for in-store infrastructure and marketing at large. Also, small shops were traditionally unable to offer location-based delivery charges or create optimal distribution routing. Now, HERE technology is powering GotFlowers Gift Delivery System and enabling flower retailers to better compete in the on-demand economy.

More of a visual learner?

Check out our infographics to see how we're driving the on-demand economy.

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