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HERE Navigation On Demand - Beta

The world’s first SaaS solution for navigation and connected services


Navigation, at your service

Giving automotive OEMs unprecedented flexibility and control to deliver always-fresh and differentiated navigation experiences across embedded and mobile platforms to set their brand apart.

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HERE Navigation On Demand

Revitalize embedded navigation

Key Benefits

5 ways to strengthen your digital brand

Learn how HERE Navigation On Demand enables you to deliver compelling navigation and connected service experiences to your drivers with lower effort than ever before.

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Differentiate at any time

Designed for the connected vehicle, with HERE Navigation On Demand OEMs can deliver freshness beyond the map and add new functionality anytime—even to cars already in the field.

  • SaaS offering constantly updating map, software features and UX over-the-air
  • Functional scope beyond mobile and many embedded navigation apps off-the-shelf 
  • OEMs and third parties can extend functionality and services through a software development kit
  • Full vehicle integration including multi-screen support, hardware controls, mobile companions and map-based ADAS enablement to differentiate from mobile brought-in solutions
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Switch on new revenue streams

HERE Navigation On Demand enables OEMs to build a portfolio of connected services to tap into recurring revenue streams while reducing investment and market risk.

  • Off-the-shelf service delivery framework, including multiple connected services from the start
  • OEMs can deliver any of the HERE Navigation On Demands services to drivers as a subscription option or make them available as if they were embedded
  • Bring your own data or work with third parties to create your own location-based services which fully integrate with the HERE Navigation On Demand mainline offering
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Cut complexity and cost

As an off-the-shelf solution for navigation and connected services, HERE Navigation On Demand comes fully integrated. OEMs get everything from a single source, streamlining their supply chain and reducing development effort. As it can be deployed on embedded and mobile platforms, it is a one-stop-shop for all navigation needs.

  • Lower CAPEX to deliver the final navigation solution
  • One-stop-shop for all IVI platforms—embedded, mirrored from mobile or mobile only
  • Modern UX with pre-integration option for Amazon Alexa
  • Reduced investment to deliver location-based connected services
  • Reduce lifecycle cost for consecutive SOPs or feature updates
  • Fewer software variants on a production level
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Gain full control

With its configuration portal for OEMs, HERE Navigation On Demand simplifies experience differentiation for vehicle segments or trim levels, provides full visibility on solution performance in the field and makes the distribution channel more flexible.

  • Create navigation experiences for different car lines and trim levels with “a few mouse clicks”
  • Gain full visibility of your installed base and the user acceptance of the delivered experience to understand what customers really want
  • Enable your distribution channels to configure navigation solutions on-site—improving demand responsiveness
  • De-scoping of features to meet impending vehicle SOP is a thing of the past
  • The marketplace on the OEM configuration portal enables OEMs to enrich their experiences with third party services while retaining full control over the type of services offered within their vehicles
  • OEMs remain owners of their own data to allow for later monetization
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Make it your own

As a white-label solution, OEMs can re-brand the experience to the specific requirements of their individual brands to drive brand loyalty.

  • Full configurability of UX and map design aligned with the OEM brand
  • OEMs can boost their brand perception as a digital leader and be first-to-market with new services

Discover HERE Navigation On Demand

Get an exclusive sneak peek and explore the possibilities for your brand.


Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Navigation On Demand is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enabling OEMs to deliver state-of-the-art navigation experiences and location-based services to connected vehicles.

It integrates HERE location technology to an end-to-end solution including the user interface (UX), which can be deployed off-the-shelf.

HERE Navigation On Demand is based on three functional elements:

  • Services in the Cloud allowing for modular combination
  • A SaaS Client integrated with the embedded or mobile platform
  • An OEM Configuration Portal to define and control the experience delivered to the client

An innovative architecture ensures that any of the HERE Navigation On Demand services, including new UX elements, can be made accessible to its client step-by-step and at any stage of the vehicle life-cycle, qualifying the solution for today's on-demand business models.

Being an open automotive platform, OEMs and third parties can create their own HERE Navigation On Demand services, which seamlessly interact with the HERE Open Location Platform, on the basis of an SDK.

How HERE Navigation On Demand works

services from the cloud

Services from the Cloud

The modular services include all assets - map data, software and UX elements, and location platform APIs - to deliver a specific functionality to the SaaS client, and can be flexibly combined with each other.

SaaS client

SaaS Client

Deployable on embedded and mobile platforms, it caches the services from the HERE Cloud to ensure offline availability. The client integrates with target platforms like any other navigation software.

OEM configuration

OEM Configuration Portal

A tool to create differentiated experiences for trim levels and vehicle segments. Also houses a marketplace for 3rd party services and analytics tools helping the OEM to create experiences, driving customer value.


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HERE Navigation On Demand is the world’s first SaaS solution for vehicle navigation and connected services, delivering an “always-fresh” experience to drivers.

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