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HERE Navigation On-Demand

The world’s first SaaS solution for navigation and connected services

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A new direction for navigation and connected services

Introducing HERE Navigation On-Demand – a software-as-a-service solution that gives your customers an always-fresh and upgradable navigation experience. Generate new, recurring revenue streams while keeping full control of the UX and services delivered in vehicles.

This solution cuts development and lifecycle costs by offering extensive off-the-shelf functionality and the ability to upgrade the experience anytime.

Navigation reinvented

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Innovate at any time

HERE Navigation On-Demand lets you deliver freshness beyond the map, including new functionality and UX elements to cars in the field, anytime. Extendable via its software development kit, it differentiates from mobile-brought-in solutions with vehicle-integrated experiences, including hardware controls, multiple screens, mobile companions and map enablement of ADAS systems.

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Grow recurring revenue streams

Build a portfolio of connected services while reducing investment and risk through HERE Navigation On-Demand’s service delivery framework. Offer functionality embedded off the lot or via subscription, letting customers personalize their in-vehicle navigation experience as they go. 

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Streamline your supply chain

HERE Navigation On-Demand reduces the development lifecycle investment for a connected services solution. It’s a one-stop shop for tailoring navigation experiences in any vehicle segment, trim level or platform – embedded, mirrored or mobile-only. HERE Navigation On-Demand also delivers the option to integrate Amazon Alexa.

Discover HERE Navigation On-Demand

Find out how HERE Navigation On-Demand can help you deliver a state-of-the-art navigation experience.

Core Elements

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Services Packages

Include the assets needed to deliver specific functionality like map data, software and UX elements, as well as APIs. They can be licensed flexibly and combined with each other.

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Client software

Deployed on embedded or mobile platforms, it caches the Services Packages from the Cloud to enable offline availability, and integrates with the target platforms like other navigation software.

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OEM Configuration Portal

Lets you create differentiated user experiences for trim levels and vehicle segments, and access a marketplace for third-party services and analytics tools.

Under the hood

HERE Navigation On-Demand is an open platform. It integrates multiple HERE location technology products to an end-to-end application including a configurable user interface (UX), which is delivered to OEMs as SaaS. Despite being deployable off-the-shelf, OEMs can easily extend its functional scope through an SDK.

A microservice-based architecture ensures that functionality and UX can be gradually made accessible to its client software over-the-air at any stage of the vehicle lifecycle. Smart caching allows for off-line availability in the car. When combined with HERE Open Location Platform, OEMs profit from an end-to-end environment facilitating location-based connected services – from data ingest to the deployment of ready-to-use functionality OTA.



HERE Navigation On-Demand is the world’s first SaaS solution for vehicle navigation and connected services, delivering an “always-fresh” experience to drivers.

Strategy Analytics Report 2020

In automotive, HERE’s Navigation On-Demand software-as-a-service business model is a game changer in the delivery of infotainment services.

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