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HERE Last Mile

An end-to-end tour planning application that helps fleet managers take control of delivery operations

Driver wearing a blue polo shirt using location data app on his phone to check new job and route

Streamline your delivery operations

Missed or late deliveries resulting from inaccurate location data or route disruptions lead to costly overruns and dissatisfied customers.

HERE Last Mile is the turnkey solution for urban deliveries that helps get your goods to your customers on time. Fleet Managers can plan efficient tours, review them on a map and analyze fleet performance — all from one web dashboard.

With the companion mobile app, Fleet Drivers can view their deliveries on a map, get turn-by-turn navigation, collect proof of delivery and report on failed deliveries.

Adapt to changes in your deliveries in real-time

Simplify tour planning

Create the most efficient routes for your entire fleet in one click, with accurate ETAs based on current and past traffic patterns, delivery windows, shift times and vehicle types.

Replan routes anytime

React quickly to changing conditions on the road as they occur. Instantly reoptimize routes when adding new jobs or removing canceled deliveries to keep to your ETAs.

Provide driver support

Keep drivers aligned on the run sheet, tour progress and completed deliveries via an app that provides turn-by-turn navigation and syncs with HERE Last Mile on the desktop.

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Ready to get started?

Optimize the last mile in your deliveries to meet customer expectations and improve margins.