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HERE Location Services on AWS Marketplace

HERE brings enterprise-grade, SLA backed location services on AWS Marketplace to bring location intelligence to the AWS developer community.

HERE & AWS Marketplace

Seamlessly integrate HERE Location Intelligence into your AWS application or solution

Developers who need location intelligence in their AWS applications and solutions can now sign up for our services directly from the AWS marketplace using their AWS accounts. We offer flexible plans with generous transaction limits.

Start today and get up to 250k transactions per month to see how HERE Location Services bring location intelligence to your AWS applications and solutions.

HERE Location Services REST and JavaScript APIs


Convert street addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa with geocoding, including landmarks, and reverse geocoding.

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Geocoder Autocomplete

Correct misspellings and get better suggestions for your address search with fewer keystrokes.

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Batch Geocoder

Send up to a million lines of address information for geocoding in batch process.

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Get positioning estimates based on global Wi-Fi and cell coverage.

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Display map tiles with real-time traffic flow information overlays reflected as colored lines drawn on affected streets and roads and get access to real-time traffic flow and incident data in XML and JSON.

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Get access to rich transit features like search for transit stops, find next departures, transit routing and pedestrian access points.

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Get precise instructions to a destination using various transport modes (e.g., car, truck, public transit, bicycle) and leveraging different algorithms (e.g., matrix, isoline routing).

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Intermodal Routing

Show alternative routes to a destination that combine drive, park, ride and walk modes.

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Give insights into real-time weather forecasts, weather alerts, and astronomical info for any location.

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Map Image

Get access to pre-rendered map images already optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

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Map Tile

Show fresh day-time map tiles in multiple styles (e.g. base, aerial) including rendered live-traffic tiles for flow overlay.

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Venue Maps

Show venue maps with floor levels, connectors, access points and Places/store information.

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Find (e.g., search for name, type, category), discover (e.g., look into address, contact info) and interact with POI information (e.g., enable user reviews, photos).

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HERE Location Services JavaScript API

A set of programming interfaces that enable developers to build Web applications with feature rich, interactive HERE maps at their center.

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HERE Fleet Telematics REST APIs

Considering toll costs along a route

Calculate tolls for any routes within or outside the country borders.

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Working with geofences

Monitor mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area.

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Working with custom locations

Store, manage and retrieve any custom POI or polygon, whenever and wherever needed.

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Building custom routes

Create custom routes considering your own road restrictions and geometries.

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Integrating advanced HERE data sets

Add attributes and data layers for more a more advanced analysis of road conditions and trips.

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Route matching GPS traces

Match the GPS traces to the HERE road network for any moving asset.

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Calculating an optimal sequence of waypoints

Calculate a list of sequence-optimized waypoints along a route.

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