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HERE at CES 2018

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Product and partner announcements

Mastercard and HERE

Mastercard and HERE Technologies announce an agreement to jointly create more connected experiences for people on the move. This partnership comes as people look to take advantage of new technologies to make purchases from the convenience of their car’s dashboard and interact with destinations in real-time.

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Bosch and Continental

HERE Technologies welcomes Bosch and Continental as our newest investors. Bosch and Continental will each acquire a five percent stake in the company, joining a growing list of star investors. HERE looks forward to working together with both companies on future services and technologies for businesses and consumers.

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HERE supports Baidu

HERE Technologies broadens its collaboration with Baidu to power Baidu Maps with indoor map data for outside of China. Enriched with HERE Venue Maps, Baidu Maps will give people access to maps of venues with 2D and 3D floor plans. This means they can easily find their way around a complex venue, know where they are at any given time, and route to their favorite location inside a venue.

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What people are saying about HERE Technologies

January 8, 2018

"Wonder what it’ll be like to ride a Hyperloop system from a passenger perspective? That’s what mapping company HERE and Virgin Hyperloop One want to preview with their new concept passenger app."

Darrell Etherington | Hyperloop One and HERE built a hyperloop passenger app, TechCrunch

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January 3, 2018

"Understanding not just the map of the road, but what is happening on those roads, is key for autonomous vehicles. HERE Technologies…will make use of multiple sensors.... and other components to offer other cars a better sense of what is happening on the road."

Ina Fried | How the sensors in your car could alert other drivers to road hazards, Axios

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December 21, 2017

"HERE Technologies, a major digital mapping and location services provider, has unveiled a cloud-based platform designed to help companies track the movement of goods in real time."

Nicholas Shields | Digital mapping giant HERE moves into asset tracking, Business Insider

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