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Media and Industry Analyst Contact

This contact information is for media and industry analyst inquiries only.

For general inquiries, please visit our contact page.


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Media Relations

Dirk Popp

Global Head of Corporate Communications

Adrianne Montgobert

Senior Communications Specialist

+49 151 72 11 67 81

James Overstall

Global Media Relations Director

+49 17 15 33 44 18

Sebastian Kurme

Head of Communications, Germany/UK

+49 173 515 3549

Jordan Stark

Head of Communications, North America

+1 312 316 4537

Amy Stupavsky

Senior Communications Specialist

+49 175 419 1678

Industry Analyst Relations

Minna Laub

Head of Analyst Relations

Stefanie Sirc

Senior Industry Analyst Relations Manager, HERE Open Location Platform

Rachel Kuta

Industry Analyst Relations Manager, Internet of Things

Laurel Davis-Lyons

Industry Analyst Relations Manager, Automotive

Linda Bradley

IAR Global Services

Kelly Laverty

Advisory Services Manager

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