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Protecting society's first line of defense

Use spatial intelligence to plan ahead, react with speed and help save lives.

Public Safety

Prevent future emergencies and minimize their effects

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Receive updates every minute

Improve coordination and communication to help avoid congestions, roadblocks and hazards that could slow down responders.

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Decrease emergency services response times

Help first responders locate reported incidents, detect unreported incidents and determine the exact location of impacted areas.

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Rapidly provide addresses and POIs

Benefit from a regularly audited point of interest database to get your responders to the incident site in time.

Protect and serve your community with our solutions

Dynamic route optimization
Geodigital twin
Vision Zero
Dynamic route optimization

Solve complex routing needs while responding to emergency situations. Plug our suite of data and services into your existing computer-aided dispatch systems.


HERE Routing

Plan stress-free journeys. Discover our routing portfolio designed for various modes of transport.

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HERE Geocoding & Search

Enable precise conversion and discovery of geocoordinates and addresses to improve location accuracy and context.

HERE Advanced map

HERE Advanced map

Improve how people experience your map by providing additional data such as postcodes, census data, road classes and junction views.

HERE TRaffic

HERE Traffic

Get traffic flow updates, information on incidents and request traffic map tiles that visualize the data available.

Geodigital twin

Enhance your command center's decision-making during emergency responses by using geo-vision tools. Help assess situations at a faster pace by optimizing your routes and plans.



Get highly accurate terrestrial 3D data to enhance your project planning, analysis and simulations.

HERE Premier 3D Cities

3D Premier City Models

Create real-world representations of cities you can customize that are visually compelling and rich in details.

Vision Zero

Enable analysis of roadway incidents and areas of risk to help eliminate road fatalities. Discover how global municipalities use location intelligence to implement safety improvement.

graphic depicting HERE Real-Time Traffic

HERE Real-time traffic

Get aggregated information about traffic incidents in XML or JSON, including the type and location of each traffic incident, status, start and end time, and other relevant data.

Dynamic map content

Dynamic Map Content

Enhance the journey experience with real-time information. Help drivers to arrive safely, comfortably and on schedule, by using dynamic content APIs in your apps and services.

HERE Workspace

HERE Workspace

Build and scale location-based products, services and applications in a secure cloud environment.

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Customer stories

Creating an automated future

Find out how Logis Solutions uses location technology to automate their dispatch technology.

At the core of all the data that we use, it's location. It's the basis for everything we do.

René Munk Joergensen

Partner/ Head of R&D, Logis Solutions


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