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Public Safety

Plan ahead, react with speed and help save lives.

Protecting society's first line of defense

Protect and serve your community by getting the right resources to the right place, at the right time. Responding to and safeguarding from danger requires fast, effective and reliable action. Location data and services are vital to public safety and emergency management.

Prevent future emergencies and minimize their effects by using highly accurate location data to help plan accurate strategies, such as entry and exit strategies for fire drills. Anticipate activities by optimizing the design of road intersections to reduce traffic collisions to create realistic models.

Tactically respond to emergencies by easily visualizing data and sharing information between agencies and the general public. Return to normal or safer conditions following an emergency by using live location services, such as COVID-19 infection rates within a country, city or neighborhood.

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Receive updates every minute

Improve coordination and communications to help avoid congestions, roadblocks and hazards that could slow down responders.

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Decrease emergency services response times

Help first responders locate reported incidents, detect unreported incidents and determine the exact location of impacted areas.

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Rapidly provide addresses and POIs

Benefit from a regularly audited point of interest database to get your responders to the incident site in time.

Customer story

Head of R&D at Logis Solutions discussing location data, location technology, emergency services and fleet dispatch software.

Logis Solutions

Logis Solutions uses location technology to automate their dispatch technology.

At the core of all the data that we use, it's location. It's the basis for everything we do.

Rene Munk Joergensen – Head of R&D Logis Solutions

Services in public safety

Dynamic route optimization

Solve complex routing needs while responding to emergency situations. Plug our suite of data and services into your existing computer-aided dispatch systems.

Geodigital twin

Enhance your command center's decision-making during emergency responses by using geo-vision tools. Help asses situations at a faster pace by optimizing your routes and plans.

Vulnerable population analysis

Reduce health concerns for vulnerable populations by allowing public health officials to plan scenarios using services that plug into existing visualization tools.

Real-time support for operational response

Help real-time response by viewing real-time incidents alongside critical infrastructure.

Vision Zero

Enable analysis of roadway incidents and areas of risk to help eliminate road fatalities. How global municipalities use location intelligence to implement safety improvement.

Preparing for disasters before they happen

Learn how to enhance your scenario and disaster planning by empowering your responders to get them to the scene faster and taking a strategic look at disaster lifecycles.

Preparing for a disaster before it hits

Discover our powerful platform tools

See how our platform tools can help improve public safety.

HERE Workspace

Create, develop and scale location-centric data assets and services in one, secure environment.

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your assets such as data, services, SDKs, algorithms and apps from trusted sources.

HERE Studio

Edit data in real-time to create maps faster and run large datasets in the cloud for instant viewing.

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