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Transform marketing campaigns

Hyper-personalized experiences with location insights are now a reality

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For advertisers: Better performance measurement

Gain deeper insights into campaign attribution by applying real-world location context to consumer behavior.

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For marketers: Create relevant marketing campaigns

When you apply location intelligence to your marketing strategy, you can build more targeted campaigns that improve the customer experience.

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Utilize location intelligence to get an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior. Get more context about the places people visit, traffic patterns, weather, seasonality and a host of other variables that contribute to precise audience segmentation.

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Combine historical location intelligence with mobility data to create hyper-personalized promotions, resulting in a more customized buying experience with real-time delivery visibility, BOPIS and curbside order fulfillment.

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Leverage precise location data to understand dwell time, foot traffic, store visits and purchases in order to track the effectiveness of each campaign. Connect online and offline data to determine if store visitors are activating an offer after seeing an ad.

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MarTech webinar

Location marketing experts from HERE and Glympse explain how to leverage location insights to create a more engaging customer experience.

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