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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Automation for a safer and improved driving experience

A future with ADAS

Evolution in action

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) support aspects of driving that are prone to human error, such as late braking and speeding into corners. ADAS applications also warn drivers of situations up ahead, such as stop signs and pedestrian zones. HERE uses map data to enhance these systems, setting the foundations for highly automated driving and a future of driverless cars.

Map data can give the vehicle a detailed understanding of the road ahead, beyond the horizon. For example, when the vehicle is aware of an upcoming curve in the road, the speed can be adjusted – even before the driver starts steering into it.

Key differentiators

Advancing highly automated driving

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Increase efficiency

ADAS systems do more than improve safety. Our solutions help reduce hard braking, optimize engine performance and more to give drivers better fuel efficiency.

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Optimize safety

Our solutions perform complex actions while driving, such as adaptive cruise control, active lane assistance, and curve speed warnings. The inherent precision reduces margin for error and increases safety.

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Enhance driver comfort

With a helping hand on the road, drivers feel more confident and comfortable during their journeys. Our ADAS services and products also take “machine-feel” out of the vehicle, helping to increase driver trust.

ADAS solutions from HERE

Next-generation software to help see beyond the road ahead.

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Case Study

VSI puts autonomous lane-keeping to the test

In our latest study at VSI, we looked at what an autonomous vehicle needs to make its way safely and comfortably through changing lane conditions.

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