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Fleet Management 1 min read

What is sustainable fleet management?

Row of trucks driving along leafy highway

As fleet sustainability becomes a necessity, can the industry go green fast enough?

A sustainable fleet is a unit of vehicles that aims to reduce its environmental impact by deploying eco-friendly practices and advanced technology. Strategies for making fleets greener include deploying electric vehicles, using intelligent and optimized routes, and powering vehicles with alternative fuels to significantly reduce a fleet's carbon footprint.

To meet these goals, businesses need access to accurate and up-to-date mapping data to obtain critical information about efficient route planning and asset management. Detailed 3D mapping solutions, for instance, enable precise autonomous driving, optimize electric vehicle range prediction and provide accurate and up-to-date mapping data to boost efficiency in fleet management.

Another approach to achieving fleet sustainability is net-zero fleet management. This is where businesses set targets for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by investing in renewable energy solutions or other sustainable initiatives. For example, IKEA has set a goal of having a net-zero emission fleet by 2025 by investing in electric vehicles, renewable energy and reforestation projects.

Achieving sustainability in fleet management involves deploying eco-friendly practices, embracing technology, setting ambitious goals and having access to accurate and real time mapping data. This way, businesses can minimize their environmental impact while saving costs, improving efficiency and contributing to a more sustainable future of transportation.

Maja Stefanovic

Maja Stefanovic

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