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Enabling traffic solutions

Optimize routing for your drivers, minimize road congestion and boost city safety with our rich, real-time traffic data.

City Traffic from above

Build better traffic solutions with our trillions of GPS data points, real-time transit information and our rich, always-relevant data.


Smarter predictions

Minimize the impact of unexpected delays, provide accurate ETAs and improve your network with our live road data.

Traffic flow data

Simpler traffic flow

Help drivers safely get from A to B, avoiding road-traffic accidents, using live re-routing with lane-level updates.


Safer drivers

Reduce accidents with our localized safety features, giving you confidence that even the smallest roads are mapped.

About HERE Technologies

Location intelligence with HERE

At HERE, we help businesses and governments harness the power of location to solve their greatest challenges. We create 3D maps and real-time navigation solutions for urban areas, enriched with layers of information and insight.

A legacy built on mapping technology


countries mapped


vehicles with our maps


of data collected daily


years of experience

Our alliances & partnerships power the vision

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