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Target your ads with geofencing

Find the right customers at the right time with precise geofencing data and services.

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Improve your marketing effectiveness, increase your ROI and reduce wasted ad spend through geospatial targeting.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Have confidence that users are in the right place and time to convert, with precise location data.

Geofencing advertising

Geofenced advertising

Send your customers relevant offers according to the locations and times you choose.

Sharpen targeting

Precise targeting

Spot trends and opportunities based on your customers’ location to better refine your audience segments.

About HERE Technologies

Location intelligence with HERE

At HERE, we help businesses and governments harness the power of location to solve their greatest challenges. We create 3D maps and real-time navigation solutions for urban areas, enriched with layers of information and insight.

A legacy built on mapping technology


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of data collected daily


years of experience

Our alliances & partnerships power the vision

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Create compelling customer experiences with location data.