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Artificial Intelligence

Bringing location intelligence to the Autonomous World

AI from HERE

Powering the Autonomous World through AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are fundamentally changing the way we work, communicate and live.

While digital assistants, smart buildings, location-aware wearables, and autonomous cars and drones all apply these technologies in different ways, they share one common element: location intelligence.

As a global leader in this field, our developers, data scientists and researchers are finding new and exciting ways to create location intelligence for the smart cities, vehicles and devices that will shape our future.

Supporting AI research

HERE is embracing our AI-powered future through a pioneering new AI research institute.

AI will be an industry worth tens of billions, with intelligent machines becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. It's clear that AI will play a revolutionary role in our planet’s future – HERE is proud to embrace this future by supporting the groundbreaking new Institute for Advanced Research in Artificial Intelligence (IARAI) in Vienna.

map of road ahead

See how AI gives a clearer view of the road ahead


Transforming map making

HERE is using AI to automate the feature-detection and map-creation process, creating a new generation of HD maps from complex LiDAR data.

Seeking new solutions

With TRAFFIC4CAST, IARAI (supported by HERE) is inviting AI researchers to develop new solutions to the world’s most challenging traffic problems.

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