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Plan for smarter inter-modal journeys and improve your operations.

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By the numbers

Powering smart cities of tomorrow


API calls every month


EV charging points


Points of interest


3D landmarks

Maps and Exploration


View an accurate, 2D snapshot of the world with location technology that provides context and relevance to your map data.

HERE Parking

A connected service making finding a on-or-off street parking faster and easier.

HERE EV Charge Points

A service designed to help drivers locate the right station based on their connector type, required voltage, pricing and other attributes.

Mobility Location Services

HERE Transit

Transit context that solves complex commuting problems

HERE Traffic

Highly accurate traffic data that decreases congestion, reduces accidents and improves navigation for drivers


A trusted SDK to build your native apps.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Highly precise and relevant location context that saves time for your business

HERE Routing

Advanced algorithms that help create connected journeys for fleets, passengers and businesses

Tracking and Positioning for Mobility Fleets and Users

HERE Asset Tracking

Reduce asset loss and costs in your supply chain by tracking assets in real-time with an end-to-end solution

HERE Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning inside buildings.

Mobility Traffic Monitoring

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Live traffic data to help drivers outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes.

HERE Traffic Analytics

Rich location intelligence for more effective traffic management.

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With a thriving Marketplace plus real-time fleet utilization and optimization solutions, we can support the unique needs of every customer.