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Maintain your edge with the power of platform and location data

Railway line with train next to a river
Location Services


Transit context that solves complex commuting problems

cars in traffic

Real-Time Traffic

Live traffic data to help drivers outsmart traffic and find faster, safer routes.

person on tablet
Location Services


Offers precise, end-to-end tracking along with real-time and historic locations for all your devices and assets. 

Modern city buildings viewed from above
Location Services


Vast POI database with search, discovery and interaction.

person on phone
Location Services


A trusted SDK to build your native apps.

Truck dashboard with navigation
Location Services

Map Rendering

Power the performance of your fleet, deliver goods on time and improve route planning with our enterprise-grade maps.

London city buildings viewed from above
Location Services


High-precision mapping of geo-coordinates and addresses.

Cars parked in line


A connected service making finding a on-or-off street parking faster and easier.

Flat angle Amsterdam parked-car charging station

EV Charging Stations

A service designed to help drivers locate the right station based on their connector type, required voltage, pricing and other attributes.

woman on tablet in mountains
Tracking & Positioning


Highly accurate maps, available worldwide.

traffic on street
Location Services


Highly accurate traffic data that decreases congestion, reduces accidents and improves navigation for drivers

lady on phone
Tracking & Positioning

Network Positioning

Smart Positioning for mobile devices, IoT and applications.

truck on road
Location Services

Fleet Telematics

Go beyond simple A to B routing and increase fleet performance with advanced real-time data.

Want to stay ahead of the competition?

With a thriving Marketplace plus real-time fleet utilization and optimization solutions, we can support the unique needs of every customer.